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New for 2013

The Pulpit Series 1

A compilation of 15 monologues and scripts to compliment the pulpit

 The Pulpit Series is a body of work that offers a series of scripts that powerfully support the pulpit ministry.  These scripts are written by full time drama minister, Howi Tiller.  They are tested, anointed and life changing.  Each script features characters from the Bible that share their personal experiences.  The characters featured include highly favored Mary the mother of Jesus in the monologue, “Fear Not” and “While the World Sleeps”, to a lesser known person, like Uriah the husband of Bethsheba who was an unfortunate victim of King David’s week moment of sin, in the monodrama called, “When the Hardest Thing to do is the Right Thing to Do.”  This series also includes stories of familiar faces, like Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree to get a better view of Jesus.  Also, with the usage of poetic license, Howi brings many Biblical moments to life, like the feeding of five-thousand in a comical way, yet keeping the miracle intact and sacred in a comedy called, “Whose Lunch is it Anyway”. 

Here is the list of scripts included: "Whose Lunch is it Anyway", "You Just Need a Tree", "While the World Sleeps", "The Twinkling", "The Touch", "The Miracle of Nain", "The Emmaus Disciple", "The Bethlehem of My Heart", "Someday, Came Today", "Six", "Simeon's Moment", "Obvious", "I've Let Go of the Need to Know Why", "Half Formed, But Whole Hearted", "When the Hardest Thing to do id the Right Thing to Do."  Also, all these script are available as a downloadable single

  Receive all 15 for only 34.95  in download



The Pulpit Series 2

A compilation of 16 monologues and scripts to compliment the pulpit

Here is a list of scripts in included:  "Are You a King?", "Biscuits in the Shore", "Caleb, Son of Judah",  "Cast the Stone", "Cholos", "Failure is Not Final", "He Opened His Hands", "I Stood Silent", "Like a King, Like a Lamb", "Speechless", "The Act", "The Betrayal", "The Perfect Lamb", "The Lions of Babylon", "Thou Art the Man".

  Receive all 16 for only 34.95

Or you can order both Pulpit Series 1 and 2 for only $49.95

  Order Pulpit Series 1 and Pulpit Series 2 for only $49.95  That's all 31 Scripts

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It Is a Good Thing

(Reader’s Theater for Thanksgiving According to the Psalmist)

The scripture reference is Psalm 92:1 It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most High.  All usage of scripture is from the King James translation.  This is a reader’s theater that can be used for the Thanksgiving Holiday or if the sermon or lesson is on the subject of thanksgiving. 

This piece has a great mix of scripture and interesting characters.  Humor rises from time to time as well.  Your audience will rise too when they feel the impact of the ending's crescendo.

Cast:  3 Readers But can be doubled or tripled for a bigger and fuller sound

Running time:  8 minutes

$8.99  Download "It is a Good Thing"



Selective Hearing

(And the Case of the Mistaken Conversation) 

This is another husband and wife comedy sketch to add to the never-ending sagas that seem to show up in every marriage.  Sometimes my wife says that I don’t listen when she speaks.  Well, it is true men can become so engrossed in what they are doing that they can unknowingly zone themselves out of things happening around them.  In, “Selective Hearing”, that situation is communicated in a very comical way, but then adding a two way conversation that’s being mistaken as a one way conversation, adds a whole other layer to the comedy. 

This sketch would be perfect for a marriage retreat, family friendly event or dessert drama.

Husband and Wife comedy sketch 

$8.29  Download "Selective Hearing"


You Just Need a Tree

(Changing the Altitude of Your Attitude)

Luke 19:1 

The story of Zacchaeus in the book of Luke is one that every child that’s been to Sunday has heard.  Zaachaeus is the man who was evidently a little too short to see Jesus because of the crowd, so he climbed a tree.  But this monologue is far more than just the story of one of our Sunday School favorites.  I’ve taken the physicality of Zacchaeus and translated it to have a spiritual application.  Zacchaeus only needed a tree and it changed everything.  Zacchaeus only needed to change his altitude or in this instance, the height of his faith.  When he did, salvation came to his house that day.  This monologue is a wonderful sermon compliment as a setup or follow-up to a pulpit message.  It can certainly stand alone as a powerful messenger of faith and teach others that all they need is to elevate their thinking and Jesus will meet you at your need.  I think you’ll really love the way the cross of Calvary is intertwined into the ending.

Cast: Zacchaeus  Running time: 10 minutes


  $8.49  Download   "You Just Need a Tree"


Flame Retardant Pajamas

(And Other Symptoms of Menopause)

 My wife is the inspiration of this comedy sketch about menopause…which at times isn’t all that funny…at least not to her anyway.  I can understand that.  Men don’t go through menopause…at least not the way women do, so I guess we can’t totally identify with them as they are enduring that part of life change.  So as husbands we faithfully walk with them down the path of life hand in hand…well not hand and hand…it’s too hot.  Calling your wife “hot” takes on a new meaning. 

Flame Retardant Pajamas is a comedy just waiting for the next banquet, comedy night, dinner theater, dessert drama or woman’s event.

Cast: M/F  Husband and Wife   Running time 6-7 minutes   Hilarious!!

Want a sample...just let us know at

$7.89 Download the comedy "Flame Retardant Pajamas"



The Twinkling

His Magnificent Smallness


Psalm 147:3-4 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. 

The Twinkling”,  is a monologue that will inspire the audience to grow past conventional thinking.  It will remind the believer that God does not work according to our calendar and his timing is always right.  The seeker finds refuge in this script as it proclaims to them that even though that our magnificent God spoke the stars into existence and calls them all by name, that God is still small enough to be magnificent in his healing of the broken and wounded heart.   The Twinkling is a wonderful sermon set-up.

Cast:  M/F  Can be biblical or modern day Running time:  7 minutes

$7.89 to Download "The Twinkling"


Rome's Power Unleashed, An Apostle's Faith Unshakable


Forgotten at Mamertine

F o r s a k e n



(The Forgotten Apostle in the Mamertine Prison)


In “Forsaken”, the story unfolds the actual forsaking of Paul by the saints of Asia but also addresses the ridicule that the Roman government placed on the Christian identity. “Forsaken” comes alive in the final days of Paul’s ministry in the cell of Mamertine, which historically became known as the, “House of Darkness”.  Paul is in prison, Nero is Caesar of Rome, but that did not stop the gospel of Jesus Christ from reaching into Nero's own household and all of Rome.  You’ll find the variety of characters historically interesting.  Of course your actors will have to bring the fascinating characters to life.  Some of the characters are merciless, some are mysterious, some are whimsical and others are untouchable...or are they?

Your drama team is going to be challenged by the script, but your church is going to be inspired and grateful when they realize the sacrifices made by the chosen Apostle for the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Cast for 4 M or 13 M.  The script was originally created for 4 actors to play 13 characters and that arrangement works very well.


$16.95  Download the full length play, "Forsaken"




Released 2011

“The Motions”

(Comedy with a Message for Youth) 

This sketch deals with the robotic like actions the youth develop when they’re just going through the motions.   It's amazing how we can get in such a rut without even realizing it until it's too late.   Teens will have a great time doing this one, but adults could do it, too.   Feel free to let your cast ad-lib to a point.  Each actor may have their own version of what a robot looks like and how they move.  Individuality can be good, but not to the point where it takes away from the story. 

The theme of the sketch is “Love.”

Option:  The sketch segues into the song, “The Motions” by Matthew West.  We have the song illustrated on DVD.  The song on the DVD is a mix of song interpretation and sign.  It’s on the CODE West 2010 DVD click here and scroll down.

 Cast: Mixed                 Great message for youth service

Running time: Will depend on how many characters you want and the distance they have to walk like a robot.  10 minutes with the song

$6.99 Download The Motions


Will You Love Me When You’re Smart?

(Love to the Nth Degree)

Howi C. Tiller

 A middle-aged couple is discussing the wife going back to school.  She wants to get her degree culinary arts.  Well, things start to boil and they discover that one degree makes a huge with what’s cooking on the stove.  They also discover the degree of love in their heart for one another starts and ends with their love for God.  “Will You Love Me When You’re Smart?”, is a light hearted look into what’s very important in the relationships of married couples.  The comedic lines unfold naturally and blend to reveal what can’t be missing in everyone’s marriage…and that’s love to the Nth degree.

Perfect for banquets and marriage retreats

Cast: 1 M / 1F   Husband and Wife

Setting:  A room in the house

Running time:  7 – 8 minutes


$7.49 Download Will You Love Me When You're Smart?


Aisle 33 Seat F?

(In Search of Jesus at the Big Box Store)

Howi C. Tiller

     Many people are searching for something new in their life…a new start or new beginning.  We all know that starts with Jesus.  He is the author of second chances.

       What would it be like if someone’s search for Jesus is similar to our experience when trying to find something at a big box store?  You know the kind of stores I’m talking about, where there are a million aisles and you’re clueless on even where to start your search for the part you need.  Sometimes the sales person points you off in a general direction or spouts off an aisle number that is clear on the other side of the store…which is some times wrong when you get there.  It can be frustrating.  At times you’re afraid to ask for help because the sales person doesn’t look like they want to be bothered.  So, you take off on your own and spend way too much time finding something that should have only taken a few minutes.  “Aisle 33 Seat F?”, is that comical look and yet eye opening sketch that may cause us to think about our guests and hospitality in a different way.

      “Aisle 33 Seat F?”, is designed to get the church to think about the process of how a guest perceives your church and the first impression they have as they enter the church doors.

      In this story a seeker enters the big box store hoping to find Jesus.  After having conversation with four different zany sales people, which all lead him all over the store, he comes full circle to find out he has to login, but can't because he doesn't have an ID nor the password.  Your church will love the humor and the message in, "Aisle 33 Seat F?"

Cast: 5 mixed

The sketch can be performed by 5 people or by 2 people. 

Running time:  About 9-10 minutes

$6.99 Download Aisle 33 Seat F


Also, a new "How to", Interpretive sign DVD is available at the Instruction page called "Say So", by Israel Houghton.


Right Place at the Right Time from CODE West 2009




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