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Teens and Youth



  We've just released a youth version of,

"Asleep in the Light".  The script has been simplified so adolescent age actors can perform this hugely

successful script.

Asleep In The Light

Young Kids Version

Copyright 1983

Copyright Revised 2016 For Adolescents / Youth

Asleep in the Light is an original allegory script that creatively uses a familiar bedtime story, Snow White.  Instead of 7 dwarfs, we have inserted names like, Unloved, Abused, Lonely, Confused, Bitter, Doubtful and Unbelief.  It is timeless and has a message that needs to be heard today.  What's happens when the church falls asleep in the light with the truth? 

The play can be staged in a variety of different styles.  It can be eclectic, classical or modern.  The eclectic version is easier to costume and gives the actors more room for creativity.

The story is transcending in its message and application.  Your audience doesn’t have to know a lot of scripture to make it work for them.  However, the more scripture the audience knows the more they will be able to appreciate some of the references and inferences to the Bible.

This is a shortened version from the full length script so a younger age can still perform the script without heavy memorization.  The powerful story line is still intact. It has intrigue, whimsical characters and laugh out-loud comedy that the whole audience will love.

Cast: 10 mixed ages 8 and up

Running time about 45 minutes.  Ask for a sample




The Two Towers

(Godly Wisdom vs Folly)

Reader’s Theater from Proverbs 8 & 9 

Scripture references are from The New Living Translation

The reader’s theater piece, “The Two Towers”, is inspired by the events and principles described in Proverbs 8 and 9.  The New Living Translation is especially descriptive of the two voices that are present in our world.  One voice which is Wisdom, leads to Salvation and the other voice, Folly, leads to death.  Proverbs records that both woman are calling to the world from the heights or towers of the city.  Great as a service opener or sermon set up.

Proverbs 8 describes seven pillars that are with wisdom and so the script ideally requires 7 readers.

In reader’s theater, the reader does not have to memorize their part…however, for the piece to have a chance to genuinely accomplish it’s potential, every reader needs to be so familiar with their part, that they can rise and move with the ebb and flow of the story.

If you have enough space, readers and actors, I can visually see this piece acted out as it is read.

Cast: 7 or more readers   Running time: Should be 8-9 minutes with correct reading emotion.

$8.99 Download "The Two Towers" Reader's Theater




We’re In The Honey!

(Just don’t let their little legs get caught in your teeth)

 Comedy With a Message 

The Bible records the event when the Lord Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple.  He threw the tables and chairs over and accused the money changers of turning the House of God into a den of thieves.  This is a very serious event and this sketch is careful not to make light of that. 

However, Howi uses a very creative idea to connect those whose tables and chairs may have been broken with the local carpenter and his wife who has a recipe for honey and locust.  Sounds crazy, but it works.

The setting is a carpenter’s shop where the carpenter’s son is cleaning and sweeping the floor.  A customer comes in who happens to be one of the money changers and his chair was broken in the temple event.  He had brought his chair in to get fixed.  Well, the carpenter has invented something called a, “teeth picker” and was hoping that this money changer would see the error of his ways and decide to sell the teeth pickers and not return to his position as a money changer in the temple.  With some creative antics and clever talk the carpenter’s son accomplishes just that by persuading the money changer to change his ways.  This is a fun sketch as a teaching tool.  The lesson is that we can change and be set free from a tight situation because of our bad decisions.

Cast:  Jeremiah – young boy  Age 9-12  (A female could play this part as well.)  Character is very  clever, witty and very talkative 

Jonathan – Adult male

Running time:  About 5 minutes


  7.39 Download the script "We're in the Honey"




Because Jesus is Coming

(Evangelistic Reader’s Theater Reality)

You want young people to love God...have them do this will start a revival!

Jesus said for us to watch for things that would be taking place on the Earth right before He returns.  The promise of the return of the Lord cannot become old to us.  He said that in a moment that we think not…he will come.  Paul describes it as happening as quickly as a twinkling of an eye.  The return of the Lord for the church will be the next major event in the history of mankind.  This reader’s theater brings the importance of that event back to the forefront of our minds and educates the listener to the fact that Jesus is coming again. 

This reader’s theater has room for rise and fall, inspiration, education, and evangelism through a variety of ages of reader’s.  In my mind, I see teens as well as adults as readers.  A prayerful and anointed presentation has the potential to really bring them out of their seats sort of speak.  Your interpretation of the piece will determine what kind of response you may be looking for from your audience.  However, it is not necessarily written for response, although it certainly could happen…and be prepared for certain audiences to audibly respond.

At times the reader must read like their hair is on fire.  I don’t say that to be funny, but convince you that that’s what it will take to make this piece really powerful and effective.

Cast: Mixed 6 readers

  $8.99  Download "Because Jesus is Coming"



Some Are Wolves

             An Exciting and Life Changing Script written for teens by teens


 Written By: Landry Cantrell and Hayley Herron

 An exciting script written for teens by teens.  A truly, “For such a time as this” message that reach our youth.

Things aren’t what they seem to be in the full-length play called, “Some Are Wolves”.  “Some Are Wolves”, is a Chronicles of Narnia genre where a fanciful dream reflects the reality of the main character named, Amy.  Amy, a struggling teenager who is finding attention from a young boy who appears to have her best interest in mind, but in fact has other things in mind.  Family matters become volatile when a message arrives at her home that her father has been killed in the line of duty.  Without her father’s protection her life begins to unravel.  Feeling alone and in need of help with her emotions, she finds it in the wrong places.  Her mother is God fearing, but now has to deal with the loss of her husband.  In the turmoil, Amy feels lost and vulnerable to outside forces that appear helpful, but in fact are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The lesson learned in this story is to trust God.  Don’t fall for everything or everyone that seems to be your friend.  Young people are very impressionable and at times influenced by pressures in life that cause them to make the wrong decisions.  Some Are Wolves is the result of young people reaching out to other young people.  Landry and Hayley authored this exciting and anointed story to warn other young people about the schemes of the enemy and be aware of the plots of Satan to destroy them.

Your youth will love to perform this script, but love the message even more. The Some Are Wolves package also includes a performance DVD and CDs

Cast Of 14 Characters:                            Running time 1 hour 30 minutes

The Some Are Wolves Package includes the downloadable script and Performance DVD and CDs.

$49.00 Download the script now and the DVD and CDs will be mailed to you.



“The Motions”

(Comedy with a Message for Youth) 

This sketch deals with the robotic like actions the youth develop when they’re just going through the motions.   It's amazing how we can get in such a rut without even realizing it until it's too late.   Teens will have a great time doing this one, but adults could do it, too.   Feel free to let your cast ad-lib to a point.  Each actor may have their own version of what a robot looks like and how they move.  Individuality can be good, but not to the point where it takes away from the story. 

The theme of the sketch is “Love.”

Option:  The sketch segues into the song, “The Motions” by Matthew West.  We have the song illustrated on DVD.  The song on the DVD is a mix of song interpretation and sign.  It’s on the CODE West 2010 DVD click here and scroll down.

 Cast: Mixed                 Great message for youth service

Running time: Will depend on how many characters you want and the distance they have to walk like a robot.  10 minutes with the song

$7.99 Download "The Motions"



A Gut Feeling

(A "Who Dunnit" Mystery Comedy For Youth)

…and nine other sketches for teens who

are looking for a clue on how to be an

awesome Christian in today’s world.


The Cover-Up - Being real in a fake world

 I Dropped Him – Making the right decisions about dating

 Runner – Finishing right

 A Gut Feeling – Mystery "Who Dunnit" Comedy

 One Voice – Really cool reader's theater

 Fitly Framed Together and Goeth – Comedy about Unity in the body

 Listen – It's not altogether what you see that leads us

 5000 in 2000AD – Feeding of the 5000 in Modern day and teens are the disciples

Not What It Seemed – Don't judge others

Ya Gotta Eat - Sketch plus a song interpretation to the song called,

"Here I Go AGain" by Casting Crowns

  $18.50 Download all 10 Sketches



 A Gut Feeling - Single Script

Mystery "Who Dunnit" Comedy

This is a fun sketch to perform with a comical touch of Abbot and Costello.  The goal of the sketch is to teach young people that the most important thing in life is to seek the Lord. The theme of this sketch is built on the scripture: Mt 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?  Your teens are going to love doing this sketch.

Cast: 3 mixed

The Victim - can be M/F

Sammy - Silly detective (Comic relief)

Sarge - Serious detective (He speaks with a New York accent)

Running time: 9 minutes


   6.99  Download A Gut Feeling - Single Script



(Family Life Comedy About Cell Phones and Face book) 

This is a comedy sketch about a teen trying to talk her parents into getting her a cell phone for her birthday.  Parents realize that their teens have replaced quality time with each other and God with social networking and texting.  In “Textifying”, the message is comically told, but your audience will not miss the overtones of truth along the way.  This would be a great sermon set-up or youth service sketch.   (Not in the Gut Feeling Sketch Book)

Cast 3

Dad – Mid thirties

Mom – Mid thirties

Chloe – Early teen

Running time:  5 minutes


$7.49 Download


I Dropped Him

(My mom said that to me yesterday)

This sketch was written to be performed by teens for teens.  “I Dropped Him”, is a sketch that will help youth to generate discussion and to think about their place in Christ.  Teens often find attention in the wrong places and from the wrong type of person. In, “I Dropped Him”, Wendy, a teenage girl has started down a questionable path in talking with a young boy at school that is known for not being a good influence.  Fortunately, she has a friend, Samantha who is not afraid to say what Wendy needs to hear.  In the end Wendy gains direction and confidence.

Cast: 2 F

Wendy - Teen

Samantha – Teen

Running time:  8-9 minutes

  Download for $6.00  This sketch is also in the teen sketch book called, "A Gut Feeling."

One Voice

(A teen reader's theater comedy)

Reader's Theater for teens.  A great mix of humor and the Word to equip teen readers with a dynamic reading to declare the power of just one voice, especially if that voice is God's.  Great for youth service or Christian School Competition.  The reader's theater is not memorized but dramatically read in character with all the neat nuances and expressions that only teens can do.  This piece can help to generate conversation in the classroom setting, too. 6 minutes 

Add to Cart Download the above script only for $6.75

Not What It Seemed

(A sketch that teaches teens a valuable lesson)

A person is sitting alone in a room or cafe.  You wave or gesture toward them but they don’t respond.  What do you do?  Do you go over and say they are rude, talk about them to your friends so you look cool or do you think they think they are cooler than you and don’t want to be bothered by you?  Well, it’s none of the above because things aren’t always what they seem.  Great teen discussion starter.

 Download the above script only $4.50

Ya Gotta Eat

(Teens reaching their friends for Christ)

            “Ya Gotta Eat”, is an outreach sketch designed to minister to teens.  This script shares how teens mean well, but don’t think friends want to hear about the Lord or their testimony. 

            A father and son are having a conversation about the youth leaders at church challenging the teens to invite their friends to church.  The son is willing to be a witness but doesn’t want to be labeled a weirdo by his high school buddies.  Dad, gives him a few ideas and finally makes his faith known to a high school friend.  This sketch has some light moments but segues into a moving song interpretation, “Here I Go Again by Casting Crowns.”  It can be acted out or acted out with a mix of sign language.  It’s your call.  However, Howi gives you his ideas on how to act it out. This is an effective sketch for youth service or event.    Cast: 2 M and 1 F   Running time 10-11 minutes with song  

  $7.00 Download Ya Gotta Eat


Is the Tassel Worth the Hassle?

(A graduation monodrama with humor)

Sometimes I think that teens are afraid to let their Christian life be an influence at school.  I realize that the government has placed many limits on what can be taught and talked about in school, but teens can still be a light to their friends.  This sketch demonstrates through comedy and drama how one person can make a difference in the other teens lives over the span of four years.

Is the Tassel Worth the Hassle?, can be performed at a graduation celebration or anytime of the year to create conversation among youth. 

Cast:  M or F

As the scene opens he/she is dressed in graduation gown and cap.

Running time: 5-6 minutes

 $6.00 Download Is the Tassel Worth the Hassle?

"Listen"   Often times we think we are not making progress in our own life or ministry, when we really are.  In “Listen”, two hikers stop to take a breather when the younger one thinks they are going in circles.  The older wiser hiker who has been on this path before knows they aren’t going in circles.  When things start to look so familiar that you think your life has become one big circle, that’s when you need to stop and listen.  The journey is more than just seeing the sights…it’s also hearing the sounds.  “Listen” was written to be performed for an event that introduces something new like a New Years Eve service, new ministry or growing spiritually.  It can also be a parent and son/daughter sketch or a sermon set-up as well.  

$5.89  Download



One More Round by Barlow Girl,  from CODE West 2009 DVD click here


Is There a Rule Book In Heaven

That Says All Mothers Are Right?

(A comedy with a wonderful message on the road of life)

As the scene opens the character is in the driver's seat of a car.  She is frustrated by being stuck in a traffic jam which is making her late.  While she is waiting for the traffic to move, a voice in the car speaks to her about her life.  She thinks it’s her conscience, but is confused by the voice being a male voice.   Of course it’s God’s voice.  The voice reminds the character of what her mother taught her and what she learned in church.  Still the frustration mounts as the sketch unfolds.  What she doesn’t know is that there has been an accident down the road.  As the play unfolds, she realizes that God saved her from the accident.  This would be a perfect sketch for Mother’s Day or any woman’s event.

 Cast: 1 F, 1 M

Female – Teen

Voice – Male

 Running time: 5-6 minutes

Special effect:  A track of siren sounds


 $6.00 Download Is There a Rule Book In Heaven That Says All Mothers Are Right?

"Fitly Framed Together and Goeth"

(A fun comedy for teens)

What if every member of the church were a car part and every member thought their part was the most important?  We'd have a car that couldn't even make out of the drive way.  The scriptural theme comes from Ephesians 4:16 "From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love."  This sketch was written for youth to perform, but has a message that the whole church needs to hear. Cast of about 12 mixed M/F  Comedy. 7 minutes. 

$7.00 Download  

5000 in 2000 AD

 (A fun modern rendition of the Biblical account)

What would happen if the feeding of the five thousand took place in modern day and the disciples were teenagers?  Cell phones would be dialing Pizza Hut and McDonalds trying to meet the needs of 5000 hungry souls.  A great way for un-churched teens to be taught some of the new testament stories.   Comedy. 7 minutes


Download the above script only $5.75


(A monologue about the user friendly church)

A young girl has just moved to a college town and is attending the university there.  She gets a phone call from her father and mom as they are checking-up on her.   It's only been one weekend and the father is already worried.  He doesn't want her meeting boys outside the church atmosphere and has some real legitimate concerns as all fathers would have about their daughter going off to school.  This sketch may help the local church re-look at issues that it takes for granted, but a visitor may have questions about, like lighted parking lots, adequate signs, singles ministry, etc. 


Cast : 1 Female   Running time about 4 minutes

$5.00 Download



Kidz Sketches and Stuff About Kidz

Josiah and The Lost Word of God

                                                (A Children's Interactive Story)

     Story telling is a great way to convey biblical principles to young people. Josiah and The Lost Word of God, declares the importance of the word of God, but in a way that children can participate. The more that they experience, the better the chances are that they will remember what they have learned. This story can be told in Sunday School or any learning environment.
     Have children number off 1 through 5. Each number represents a sound that the kids make or word(s) to be spoken out loud. As you, the story teller, tell the story, you hold up the right amount of fingers that correspond with the number on the page as you read it. You can also make signs that have the numbers 1 through 6 on them and hold them up at the right time. The children help by making the appropriate sounds or saying the right words whenever you hold up your fingers or signs.

1 - Majestic trumpet sound (English fan fare)
2 - Hooray! Clap hands
3 - Wow!
4 - Ooh, oh no.
5 - Cool.
6 - (Everyone) - Hum, aha.






 $4.00 Josiah and the Lost Word of God Interactive Story

David and Goliath

(A Children's Interactive Story)

            The story of David and Goliath is very familiar to most children, but when you allow them to help tell the story, the biblical story can really come alive.
            The children help to tell this story by assigning the children numbers that correspond to a sound or a word or group of words. Make signs or use your fingers to indicate what sound or word you want to be heard as you tell this story. Have the children number off 1 through 5. Everyone speaks on number 6.

1. Fee Fi Fo Fum
2. Chicken!
3. Say what?
4. Grrrh-
5. Boo!
6. Yeah! (Everyone)

 $3.75 David and Goliath Interactive Story

The Alphabet of VBS

(The BLTs of Vacation Bible School)

This comedy sketch is an introduction or commercial that you can do to announce your vacation Bible School information.  It’s very flexible in character use.  It can be a puppet sketch or a mixed sketch that can include a puppet and human actor.  Very funny!

 Cast: 1 M and 1 F

 Doug:  Puppet or human alter-ego (Comic)

Susan:  Human or other puppet  (Serious one)

 Set:  Puppet stage

Running time: 4 minutes 

  $6.25 Download   for Vacation Bible School

Daniel and the Dangerous Dudes

A puppet sketch about Daniel and the Lions Den. Great comedy to mix with a great story.  It can also be done as a dialogued sketch with human characters or a mix of puppets and human characters.  Fun for Vacation Bible School or Kids Church events.  Your kids will love the humor, but learn an all time favorite Old Testament story.

Cast: 4 mixed     Comedy. 8 minutes.       

  $6.00 Download

Nights of the Round Table II
(Family Comedy Situation)

© Copyright 1998 Howi C. Tiller Revised 2010

Nights of the Round Table II is a continuation of the Nights of the Round Table I. The sketch deals with pressures that children face everyday at school and life in general.  Mark and Cathy are concerned about what their children are learning in school and decide to begin having their own nightly discussions with their kids just as Mark did when he was a boy growing up with his parents.

Cast: Mark - Father (Middle thirties)
Cathy - Mother (Early to middle thirties)
Travis - Son (Eight to ten years old. Very innocent and naive)
Kelly - Daughter (Early teens)

Props: Kitchen or Dinning room setting. The sketch takes place during the dinner hour. You can use real food if you desire, but is not necessary.

Running time: 5-6 minutes

Add to Cart  $6.00  Nights of the Round Table II 

"Today, is Jesus Birfday"A four year old child is excited about the fact that Christmas is coming and he gets presents. He is marking every toy in the catalog that he wants for Christmas and commenting on each in a way that only a four year could.  He wishes Jesus lives a long time and has a birfday every year.  Comedy to accompany or stand alone.  5 minutes

           Download Today is Jesus' Birfday


The Great White Pearl

The Ultimate Victory Over Davey Jones’ Locker

 (An exciting Easter play for kids and early teens to perform)

Deception, Intrigue, and Mystery on the Open Sea has Never Been More


  The Great White Pearl  This is a children’s play about the resurrection of the Lord. It has taken the Pirate theme and retold the Easter story through a mix of a fun and exciting story with scripture and the powerful resurrection message,

“Triumph over death.”


We recently updated the script with a few new lines.  The DVD won't match the script exactly.                 

Download this script for $12.00 The Great White Pearl

                                                      $28.00  The Great White Pearl Package

The Great White Pearl Packet includes:

Custom Sound Effect and Music CD

Utility DVD performance  (In other words it's not best quality, but good enough to see what this drama team did with it.)

Cast:  16 speaking parts mixed

Main characters are: Captain Goodspeed and Captain Sin Bad.

Running time:  40 minutes.


Teen Song Interpretation and interpretive sign language

The Youth love to learn songs that lead the church in worship.  We've listed three songs below that are very worshipful.  The DVDs teach your drama team step by step...word for word.


"Jesus Said It"

This song has become very popular as recorded by Indiana Bible College.  You can download the music from i-tunes for .99.

We have taken the time to show you the song step by step and word by word on DVD so you can do the song, too.


10.00  for Jesus Said It DVD


"Stand Out" by Tye Tribett

WOW!  Something many of you have been asking for and well....we've finally got it.
"Stand Out" by Tye Tribbett.
We show you how to do the song with sign language and interpretive movement  line by line...sign by sign on DVD so anyone can learn it, too.

$11.00 For DVD of Stand Out - Comes with 2 DVDs  One DVD is a performance and the other is a Step by step instructional DVD



"Say So" by Israel Houghton

Another exciting interpretive sign song taught to you step by step.  Youth love this song and now it's available on DVD.  High energy with a great message!


$11.00 For DVD of, "Say So", line by line and then with music so you can see what it looks like live.



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