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Christmas Dramas, Plays and Resources

On This Page:

19 Christmas Sketches

4 Medium Length Christmas Plays

2 Full Length Christmas Plays

2 "How To" DVDs   Including the popular "I'll Be Home For Christmas" for senior citizens

Scroll down to see a video sample of "Oh, Holy Night".


Oh, Holy Night video illustration.  You can buy the DVD on the Dowel Rods link.  The DVD also has 3 other dowel rod songs on it.


New For Christmas 2017             Ask for a sample of any script


In Search of the Baby Jesus

and...Krispy Kreme Donuts?

(Christmas Comedy With a Message)

The pastor of a local church wants to have a life size nativity on display in the front yard of the church.  The youth leader and youth are sure that they can assemble all the life size figures before a reporter from the local newspaper arrives to shoot pictures of the nativity for the next addition.  However, it doesn’t turn out to be so easy.  They can find all the figures but the most important one…the baby Jesus.  No one can find Jesus in the church anywhere.  “You can’t have Christmas without Jesus.”  A great mix of comedy and suspense.  This delightful story may be the best gift a church can give their community for the Holidays.  What a great way to remind us that we all need to know how to find Jesus. The story is fun and moving, but carries the traditional theme that your audience will be looking for.  There are many comical play-on-words, awkward situations and misunderstood circumstances that will keep your audience laughing and wondering how all the mishaps will be resolved before the local newspaper reporter arrives to take pictures of the nativity. Mr. Gilbert, the local newspaper reporter is assigned to cover a church who has decided to create a live nativity to bless the community, but when the youth can’t find the baby Jesus, the bitter reporter threatens to headline his feature with "Local Church Loses Jesus During Holiday Season".  However, when the reporter hears the children’s choir sing and how the local church is reaching into the community with clothing, food and salvation, he has a change of heart.

Cast: 11 mixed speaking parts

Children’s choir – You can choose which songs you’d like to use, but one of them has to be very emotional so that Mr. Gilbert’s transition is moving and believable.  We recommend, “Happy Birthday Jesus”, “Away in the Manger” and  “A Strange Way to Save the World”.   You may have others that work well.

Running time:  45 minutes Depending on how many songs the children's choir sing


In Search of the Baby Jesus $14.95



         Christmas Eve on the I-5

                                    A Christmas Comedy

(Bring your own quarters because they don't use debit cards on this trip) 

You may be caught in a traffic jam, but time keeps running on.  The situation becomes frustrating when all the traffic on Interstate 5 comes to a complete stop.  People are heading to their loved one’s homes for Christmas Eve and looking forward to spending time with relatives they don’t get to see very often.  What would it be like if that traffic jam is due to an accident that has traffic backed up for miles and for hours?  Well, that’s what happens in the Holiday play, “Christmas Eve on the I-5.” Some wonderful things happen on the road of life for Tim and his parents Aaron and Samantha.  Aaron has hurtful memories of a Christmas Eve when he was seven years old and just hasn’t been able to forgive.  His unforgiving mindset is having a huge effect on his son, who would like to know what it would be like to sit at the table with loved ones and friends for Christmas Eve, but Aaron won’t even let the word, “Christmas” be spoken in their home.  Well, when a tanker tips over and blocks all the lanes on the interstate, the Christmas story has a chance to come alive in the heart of Aaron.    

 Cast:  Mixed 12

There is room for a Children’s choir if you want

Running time about 35-40 minutes

Order Christmas Eve on the I-5 for $14.95




Reindeer?  Who’s Following the Heard?

(Be Careful Counting Sheep and Sleep With Your Mouth Shut)

 A Christmas Comedy Sketch 

This is a zany modern day comedy sketch that plays off the words, “Herd” and “Heard”.  Sometimes people just go along with the herd because of what they’ve heard.  The script reminds us what Christmas is really all about without offending those who don’t know any different and are just “Following the Heard.”  Often times, today’s society is promoting a politically correct approach and response to everything, including Christmas.  However, this sketch does not focus on being politically correct, but on telling the part of the Christmas story when the angels appeared to the lowly shepherds watching over their sheep at night.

In the sketch one of the characters doesn’t know that much about the true Christmas story.  He is kind of a Lou Costello (If you remember Abbot and Costello of the 40’s comedy duet) type in personality and obviously plays the comedic element.  Either way the actor needs to create a funny character.  The other character plays the serious element and knows all about the Christmas story and wants to share it with the other character.  The story is not slapstick, but definitely written to be an informative comedy.  So, the characters need to play off each other and develop comedic timing for the comedy to be realized.  Actors must be vulnerable to the situation and not be afraid of making the subtext part of the comedy.  In other words, much of the comedy is revealed in the character’s frustration or curiosity through facial expressions and whimsical physicality. 

This sketch would be great with a fresh batch of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate.  In other words at a Christmas party or banquet.

 Cast:  2 Male or Female

1 – Serious – Sincerely wants to share the true Christmas story, but frustrated with all the interruptions.  Character is amazed at how the other character can put long sentences together.

2 – Comical, but sincerely interested in the story and at times very child like, yet smart at the same time displaying his word smith talent, which surprises character 1.

 The actors will need to find their comedic timing and create interesting and funny characters.

 Setting:  Christmas party at work

Running time: About 12 minutes depending on the comedic timing of the actors


$8.99 to download Reindeer, Who's Following the Heard?


The Anonymity of Christmas

The Christmas No One Knew About 

The first Christmas ever was missed by everyone…well almost…everyone but a small handful of people.  The idea behind this script is how quietly and lowly the birth of the baby Jesus was.  It seems so ironic that the birth of the King of the universe was unannounced, unknown and unrecognized except for a few seemingly insignificant people.  The greatest historical event and only a few people knew about it.  Only a chosen few would know and they will not be telling anyone.  Quietly the plan unfolds.  Elizabeth, the elderly wife of Zachariah was too old to have a child so she hid herself for five months when she found out she was going to have a baby. Yes, she became the mother of John who was the voice of the one crying in the wilderness saying prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.  Because Zachariah did not believe it, he was not allowed to speak until John was born.  Another woman of Israel, Mary, a virgin who was highly favored by God to be used in the miraculous birth of Christ, but she was put away privately by her espoused because he did not believe her when she told him what the angel said.  It took an angel appearing to Joseph in a dream to convince him that what was happening to Mary was of God.  So, Joseph sent her away to her cousin.  Her cousin was Elizabeth.  Four people knew what God was doing, but none of them could talk about it. 

Yes, we are blessed that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and redeeming us from sin, but I stand amazed by the way He came…quietly…softly…in silence he came while the world was sleeping.  Performance idea:  This piece would be a great introduction to a Christmas concert, or congregational singing of Christmas songs. This is a reader’s theater and does not need to be memorized to be performed.  It is however, highly encouraged for readers to be very familiar with the story line, rise and fall and ebb and flow of the script.  The piece as a whole is serious, but there are a few places for humor.

There are four readers, but parts can be doubled or even tripled if the rehearsal time and the talent lend themselves for a larger cast like a choir.  Incorporating many readers to perform the piece presents the challenge to sound as one voice, but the benefits are more rewarding because of volume, impact and inspiration   Cast:  Readers/sections are numbered 1-4  There are times when everyone is speaking and that is denoted as “All.”

Running time:  9 Minutes



$8.89 Download The Anonymity of Christmas


I’ve Let Go of the Need to Know Why

(A Place We All Must Come To)

Mary seemed to easily accept Gabriel’s proclamation that she was going to be overshadowed by the most high.  Although she asked questions, she was still open to the will of God…no matter how impossible it may have sounded to her.  However, when trying to explain it to Joseph her espoused, God’s will wasn’t as easily accepted by him.  It took more time and other events for him to become convinced.  Isn’t it nice that God is patient with us?  The lesson in this husband and wife script is that, even though their individual faith may have been on different levels, they both had to come to the place where they could say, “I’ve let go of the need to know why.”  We all must come to that place.  Some of us arrive at that place very easily like Mary and others of us arrive later like Joseph.  This is the theme for this sketch.  Though this sketch deals with very serious concepts, there is a mix of humor that rises at just the right times.  Perfect for Christmas as a sermon setup or stand alone compliment to a Christmas service.

Cast:  1M and 1F      Mary and Joseph   Running time  6-7 minute

$7.89 Download "I've Let Go of the Need to Know Why"



Christmas at Oak Leaf Manor

A Christmas Comedy That Even a Dementia Patient Can’t Forget

My parents were administrators of a nursing home for over twenty years of my life from my mid teens to thirty something.  As one might imagine, I saw and experienced many comical, emotional and yet inspiring moments through the lives of those wonderful senior citizens in that time.  It is with that in mind that I used some of those experiences in the Christmas comedy, “Christmas at Oak Leaf Manor”.

“Christmas at Oak Leaf Manor is a fun filled Christmas script with fun loving senior citizens that tell the Christmas story in a way that only they can tell.  Between Raymond, a cantankerous resident, Harold and Maude the love birds of the manor, Edith a jewel who helps us to remember the past, and Martha and Howard who is fighting dementia and a paralyzing stroke, they help Ginny a young nurse’s aide to see and hear the real message of Christmas.  It’s amazing that even though Martha is dealing with the challenge of remembering her own name let alone the name of her loved ones, God uses her to open the eyes of Ginny that Jesus truly does love her and that’s why he came.  The script has all the comedy and emotional elements that your audience will appreciate at the Christmas time of year. 

Your actors will love the characters and the message in this medium length script that’s sure to touch your audience with a look at Christmas through the story of senior citizens.  The whimsical characters of Jim and Henry bring a childlike comedy relief into the nativity scene that win Ginny’s heart as well.  Your audience will be crying one moment and laughing the next. The performance is appropriate for a Christmas dinner or banquet atmosphere as well as the sanctuary.        

We’ve incorporated a dowel rod piece performed by senior citizens or at least people dressed like senior citizens, called, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”  They use their canes that are wrapped to look like candy canes to illustrate the song.  This is a wonderful ending to the script.  The DVD for this song comes with the purchase of this script so you can see what a great addition the song is to the play.  We use Karen Carpenter’s arrangement.

Running time 40-45 minutes   Cast of 10 mixed  (Room for extras)

  $19.95 Download Christmas at Oak Leaf Manor.  This price includes the DVD which will be mailed to you immediately



2011 Christmas Sketch Book 

14 Sketches for one low price.  Here is the list of sketches:

Comedy Sketches

  1. Are You My Son, Father? – Joseph holding the baby Jesus for the first time (monologue)
  2. Numb and Numb-er – 2 Female
  3. Exceeding Great Joy – 3 Male  (Wisemen/Kings)
  4. The Hillside Incident – 3 Male  (Shepherds of Bethlehem)
  5. Closet Candles – 6 mixed  (Life size candles)
  6. Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, humbug – Reader’s Theater for 4 readers
  7. Turned Away – 1M / 1F  Husband and wife (Comedy with a message)
  8. The Elevator to Christmas – 7 mixed (Perfect for a banquet atmosphere. Very funny.)
  9. Today is Jesus’ Birfday – 1 M playing a 3-4 year old

Serious and moving monologues

  1. While the World Sleeps – Mary (monologue)
  2. The Bethlehem of My Heart – Joseph (monologue)
  3. Fear Not – Mary (monologue)
  4. Simeon’s Moment – Simeon  (monologue)
  5. Oh, For a Christmas When I Was Young   (A look back by an author who grew up during the Great Depression)

$39.00  Download all 14 Scripts and save over $40.00

The sketches above are described in detail as your scroll down through this page

One Wintry Night

As recorded by David Phelps

This a new Christmas dowel rod interpretation DVD.  It could be a great stand alone piece or compliment to a larger presentation.  This DVD takes time to explain the movements of this song.



$9.00  For One Wintry Night DVD dowel rod song

Up in the Air About Something!

(Christmas According to the Angels)

“Up in the Air About Something!”, is a compilation of Christmas sketches and monologues that creatively move the audience to new heights through the Christmas story.  It uniquely tickles the funny bone with colorful and whimsical characters and sincerely tugs on the heartstrings through characters that your audience will fall in love with. This is going to be a wonderful and joyful Christmas experience for everyone.

Up in the Air About Something!”, is truly is a wonder mix of comedy and the scriptural Christmas story.  Don’t worry, the comedy is timely and will not upstage the traditions of the season, but joyfully confirm them.  There are many inspirational moments that rise just at the right time to invite your audience to worship the King of kings in all of His glory.  The angel characters will have your audience in stitches and the monologues by Mary, Joseph, Elisabeth and Zacharias will powerfully reveal timeless messages in ways that your audience will remember for a long time.  Ask for a sample by emailing us at

Cast: Perform these scripts with 6-13 actors.  Ages teen to older adult.

Running time: 1 hour to 1 hour and 10 minutes

  19.95 Through the month of August. After August the price is 24.95


“Back to You” !

A modern day Christmas comedy featuring a delightful story with a wonderful mix of Interpretive Sign, Dowel Rods, Black Light and Song Interpretation.  Crazy things begin to happen in the lives of a married couple as they are decorating their home for the Holidays, when suddenly the nativity characters actually come to life!  Relationships are rekindled as the Christmas story leads your audience back to Jesus.  By the end of the play the stage turns into the stable scene and as the married couple places their miniature size nativity pieces in place, the actual full size nativity characters in the play also take their place.    Want a sample of the script...just drop us an email to

Cast: 7   mixed male and female speaking parts

A team of 10 -15 that perform the dramatic songs (Depending on your platform size)

You receive: The Complete Package

A Great Script with all the blocking,  Seven Dramatic Songs performed in a variety of Dramatic fashions, CD of all music, Director’s Note Book, and All the “How To” step by step DVDs which helps your rehearsal management, saves you time and eliminates stress.

Songs include:  One Wintry Night by David Phelps – A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill – Oh, Holy Night by New Song – We Are the Reason – by David Meece – Strange Way to Save the World – by 4Him – Back to You – by The Wilbanks - The Holy Lamb Medley by IBC  Choir

  $15.00  "Back to You" Script.   You may only want the script if you  are using their own songs.


"Back to You" Package    $74.00    The script is a download and the CDs and DVDs will be shipped to you via USPS

Christmas Package 1 Includes: 3DVDs and 5 short sketches

2 Dowel rod DVDs that have 4 songs on each DVD, which include -

1. Oh, Holy Night - a very beautiful dowel rod song created for women to perform

2. Still Her Little Child - a touching story telling dowel rod song that is centered around Mary

1 CODE Louisiana Thursday Evening DVD which features 12 pieces, but also the Christmas song -

3. We Are the Reason - A moving black light sign language song


The package also includes the dramatic pieces

1. Cholos

2. Fear Not

3. Are You My Son, Father?

4. Closet Candles

5. Simeon's Moment

You can read more about the sketches below, which are also available individually.


Save 30.00 and order the whole package


$42.00   Christmas Package 1



Christmas Comedy Reader’s Theater Style

 For banquets and festive Holiday moments

 Reader’s Theater is dramatic reading of a script.  This script was specifically written to be performed as a reader’s theater that expresses excitement of the Holiday season, but what would Christmas be without a scrooge?  In this script, 3 voices are excited about the Holiday season and want to enjoy every part that comes with it.  The 4th voice is scrooge like and adds a humbug response to the other reader’s excitement.  So, one of the readers is the antagonist voice, which also brings the comedy element to the script, but also helps the script turn the corner toward the real meaning of Christmas.  It’s this voice that asks the hard questions, which draw out the real answers.  Your readers will have a blast with this while at the same reminding us what Christmas is all about. 

If you’ve not performed any reader’s theater, then you have a fun experience ahead of you.  Even though the script doesn’t need to be memorized, it’s still needs rehearsal for the comedic timing and ebb and flow of the script.

Cast: 4 mixed  1 M / 3F 

1: Female – Festive, dressed festive

2: Female – Festive, dressed festive

3: Female – Festive, dressed festive

4: Male – Scrooge like in character.  Dresses in drab clothes (The antagonist)

Running time:  About 7 minutes 

Perfect for that last comedy piece before the festive event comes to an end.

  $7.49 Download Fa, La,La,La,La,La, Humbug



Turned Away

(The Innkeeper and his wife Christmas comedy with a very touching message)

The innkeeper has recently discovered whom it is that he has turned away and sent to the stable.  His wife earlier found out that Mary was with child and made a visit to the stable with swaddling clothes and things that would help them.  When she returns back to the inn, she has many questions for her husband and why he turned away the couple.  I take some poetic license to create a fun, “What if” scenario to the traditional and Bible events.  In doing so, many thought provoking lines and subjects are brought to light that make the audience think about their own life.  We all have dreams that haven’t come to past yet and some of the dreams and disappoints are shared in the characters in, “Turned Away.”

The script is designed for a husband and wife to perform.  As I wrote the sketch, I couldn’t help but see the husband and wife in Fiddler on the Roof as characters.  So, if you’ve seen the movie, then you have an idea of what I was thinking.  You may see someone entirely different. 

This sketch could be performed in a service, banquet or as a sermon setup or lead in to a song.

Cast: 1 M and 1 F

Jeremiah – Innkeeper 

Miriam – Innkeeper’s wife

Setting:  Innkeeper’s home.

Running time: 14 minutes

  $9.99 Download Turned Away


The Elevator to Christmas

(A Christmas Comedy)

Sometimes life would be better if we didn't see all the negative faces that people wear to work or everyday life.   It's interesting to see how one bad attitude can rub off on everyone in the room.  But put a happy blind person in the middle and see what takes place, especially if the situation takes place on an elevator and they start singing a traditional Christmas song. The stress of the story is that one of the characters is late for a meeting and hates the idea that the elevator is stopping at almost every floor.  The meeting is a special meeting because she made a mistake in accounting.  She could jeopardize her job further by being late.


Cast:  Mix M/F

Terry (Male) or Terri (Female) - Blind person  (Upbeat and happy)

Ms. Gamble - Total business and proper like.  She's late for her appointment.

Mr. Harrison - Business man who has a cold.  He is late for an appointment, too.

Kelly - Secretary delivering coffee

Mrs. Duncan - Elderly  (Walks with a walker or cane.)

Mail Carrier - UPS or US Post

Mr. Thompson - The boss

Props: Sun glasses for blind person, walking cane for blind person, walker or cane, boxes and upright moving trolley to carry the boxes, coffee cups, donuts, kleenex or handkerchief, attaché cases.

Special Effects:  Elevator bell sound effect   (Optional)

Running time:   8 minutes

The Elevator to Christmas $8.49  Download

While the World Sleeps

(The Heart of God Began to Beat)

 A Monologue for Mary

 This monologue is a moving and deep reflection by Mary’s calling.  The angel, Gabriel, said she was highly favored.  Be inspired by someone who knew more about what God was doing than the so-called temple elect.  What was God up to?  The heavenly mission of angels was secret to all except a young teenage maiden of Israel.  Heaven came down while the rest of the world slept.  Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.  This would be a perfect monologue to stand alone or compliment a larger event.

Cast:  F

Mary – Older teen

Running time:  7 minutes


  $6.89 Download While the World Sleeps

The Bethlehem of My Heart

(Removing the Herods in Our Life)

This monologue is more than just the retelling of the traditional Christmas story.  It goes further and invites the audience to listen, but to also sit up and re-listen.  It makes the audience think.  Yes, to appreciate the fact that God came, Emmanuel, God with us, is the essence of why we celebrate, but to also think about how he came despite what else was happening in the earth…despite who was sitting on any earthly throne.  “The Bethlehem of My Heart”, opens the possibility for your audience to ask the question of themselves, “Who sits on the throne of my heart?”  Everyone needs a Bethlehem of the heart.

This is a moving and thought provoking moment for your audience.  It can be a stand alone moment or a contribution to the evening of celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

Cast: 1 M  Joseph     Running time about 7 minutes

The Bethlehem of My Heart 

7.49 Download


The Hillside Incident   

(A Shepherd’s Christmas comedy)

The gospels record angels appearing in the night sky to announce the birth of the Savior to some lowly shepherds keeping their sheep at night just outside of Bethlehem.  We’ve named these shepherds, Gershem and Zeb and they both have the equivalent of what we call in today’s world, as ADD.  These two comical characters are trying to tell the story of this great site to a shepherd friend named, Zach.  However, they are so excited about telling Zach about the event, that it turns into utter chaos.

According to Zeb, the words, “Fear Not”, is not enough consolation to calm a simple lowly shepherd’s fears…especially when spoken by a shimmering nine foot giant angel that appears out of nowhere in the middle of a quiet night sky in Judah.

The Hillside Incident 

$6.49 Download The Hillside Incident

One of our best selling Christmas Comedy Sketches

Numb and Numb-er 


(Modern technology meets the true meaning of Christmas)

Two senior citizen widows have just had a new computer installed by one of the widow's daughter, Kathy.  The widows are also sisters.  They are excited about being able to order toys and Christmas gifts on line.  However, after a day and night of trying to figure it out, Marge is frustrated, but as it turns out, a five year old comes to the rescue.  A few clicks later and the silver haired ladies are off and running…well, not running, but you get the idea.  They take advantage of the technology to share a wonderful message about how Christmas used to be.

Cast:  2 Female  (Characters are in their 70’s)

Props:  Chairs, desk and computer and peripherals

Setting:  Living room

Running time:  9-10 minutes   Comedy with a message.  Great for a Christmas banquet.


$6.95 Download Numb and Numb-er



Speechless   $7.89



(The Prayer of Zacharias and Elisabeth)  The miracle that God performed for Elisabeth and Zacharias by answering their prayer for a son is beyond words.  In, “Speechless” the audience will discover the wonderful things that had to line up for God to bring forth the one who would be the voice of the one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord”.  The birth of John is very much a part of the birth of Christ.  What’s amazing is that Zacharias never gave up praying that Elisabeth would have a son and when the angel, Gabriel, said she was going to have a baby, he didn’t believe it.  So, the angel made Zacharias, speechless. 

This is a great set-up to the traditional Christmas Story.

 Cast:  1 M and 1 F

Zacharias – Very old

Elisabeth – Very old  

Running time: 22 minutes


Cholos - Howi takes poetic license to create a wonderful monologue about a

crippled man who was also born the night of the bright star that shone over

Bethlehem.  This monologue can stand alone for anytime of the year or be added

to a Christmas program.  Cholos is one of our most emotional pieces.

Moving and emotional.  12 minutes  Feel free to add your own music underscore.

Download Cholos $6.00

Fear Not - Mary recounts the angelic visit of Gabriel to her cousin Elisabeth. A perfect sketch to compliment Christmas season or can be performed anytime. This touching monologue brings the reality of Mary's thoughts and feelings to light. 7 minutes.  There is a DVD of the entire blocking of the monologue on the monologue page.

  Download $7.50 in English



(Fear Not) No Temas

(Monologo para María La Madre de Jesús)
© Copyright 1998 Translated into Spanish 2009
Howi C. Tiller

El momento en el que el Ángel le aparece a María debe de ser uno de los momentos más grandes en toda historia. ¿Qué estaría sintiendo María? ¿Cómo respondería a las palabras tan extrañas para ella? Este drama cubre el momento en que ella se encuentra con Elizabeth después de la aparición del Ángel y le cuenta a Elizabeth lo que sucedió. Talvez fue algo como esto. Este drama será un gran reto para la mujer que interprete este papel. Practique para que sea creíble y que la actuación le de vida a María. Transfondo musical es opcional. Tenga en mente que este monologo podría también ser parte de una gran producción.

 Apariencia: María- últimos años de adolescencia

 Escenario: María contándole a  su prima Elizabeth los momentos en los cuales el Ángel le anuncia que va a ser la madre del Salvador

Duración:7-8 minutos

$7.00 Download "Fear Not" in Spanish



Are You My Son, Father? - Joseph holds the baby Jesus for the very first time.  Mary is resting from the long journey and someone needs to hold the baby.  This thoughtful and humorous look at what Joseph might have been thinking is great for all year round or perfect for Christmas.  8 minutes  The song, "Strange Way to Save the World", by Janet Paschal works very well with this monologue.

$7.39 Download "Are You My Son, Father?"


"Closet Candles", is one of our top selling comedies

Closet Candles - Jack is searching the closet for a candle for the candle lighting ceremony at church, but none of the candles want to go, except the shortest, most used birthday candle. Cast of 6 1M and 5 mixed   Comedy. 8 minutes.

  $6.75 Download Closet Candles


Today Is Jesus' Birfday - Found in the book, "The Story Teller It's a few days before Christmas and Johnny who is 4-5 years old is thumbing through a toy catalog.  We'll he says a lot of funny things about his family, aunt Myrtle and other family secrets.  Great for a Christmas banquet.


$3.00 Download Today is Jesus' Birfday


Simeon's Moment - This monodrama takes us right to the moment where Simeon sees the baby Jesus when first brought into the temple. A very touching moment that is perfect for Christmas or anytime. Simeon was old but promised that he would not see death until he had seen the salvation of the Lord. What a glorious moment when he saw Mary and Joseph enter into the temple with the baby Jesus.  10 minutes with music

$9.00 Download Simeon's Moment  


Oh, For A Christmas When I Was Young - A poem found in the book Reader's Theater and used in the popular Christmas comedy, Numb and Numb-er.

  $4.00 Download Oh, For a Christmas When I was Young

Exceeding Great Joy    Download   $5.00

 $5.00 to download now

(Wise men with Gifts Comedy)

      The wise men have lost sight of the star that they were following.  They’ve been traveling for many months and now are discouraged by not seeing the star for quite a while.  Howi takes a light hearted look at their dilemma.  The star appears at the end of the sketch which brings renewed hope to their search. The Bible says in Matthew 2 that when they saw the star that they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

     This sketch brings a fresh element and perspective to the Christmas story.  It’s nice to have a break from the traditional voices of the manger and Bethlehem.

     The key to the success of this sketch is the comedic timing at the end of the scene when the star appears.  The expression and emotion of the characters is vital for the comedic closure.  After the audience realizes that the star has re-appeared the wise men need to rejoice big time.

Running time 5-6 minutes Great accompaniment to any Christmas presentation

Cast: 3 male

      Christmas Package 2 Includes

Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Station Script and 3 DVDs.

1- Dowel Rod Volume 2, which includes

Oh, Holy Night (A song in this play)

2. "I'll Be Home For Christmas" if you choose to add the senior citizen candy canes song.

3. Live Performance (So you can see what the set may look like)

Medium Length play that is rehearsal friendly


Christmas Eve


Mountain Creek Train Station

A Christmas Comedy


Being Snowed In Was Never So Much Fun

A Wintry Mix of Comedy, Song, Dowel Rods and Scripture

     A medium length play that any size of church can perform and everyone will enjoy. 

     It takes place in a small train station on Christmas Eve and everyone in the station is anxious to get home for Christmas.  The scene opens with adults, children and teens at the train station vying for a ticket to get on the small train that leads home.  However, limited tickets and a building snow storm complicate matters.  The teens are heading home from a ski trip.  The children, who are orphans and their chaperon are at the train station to take the train home because their bus is broke down. 

     The play tells the story of Christmas in a very unique way.  Even though it’s a modern day setting, there is a couple on their way to Bethlehem, a baby is born, Gabriel shows up, the shepherds arrive and yes, even the kings make a last minute appearance.

     Your audience will be captivated from beginning to end through a good mix of comedy, song, dowel rod and scripture.


       This play makes room for children, teenagers and adults to be involved without it being a stressful, long, drawn-out rehearsal time period.  Most rehearsals can be done the week of the performance weekend.


The production time is 30 – 35 minutes

$12.00  Download Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Train Station


$12.00  Download the script in Spanish. It has been professionally translated.

$10.00 Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Train Station DVD.  The DVD will be shipped to you via USPS

Save $10.00 and receive the entire package for $30.00 Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Train Station Package which includes the 3 DVDs and script.

$34.00  Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Train Station Package.  The scripts will be emailed to you and the DVDs will be shipped to you via USPS.


I'll Be Home For Christmas DVD  For Senior Citizens

This is a dowel rod spin off for Senior Citizens or (younger actors dressed like senior citizens) to perform.  Actors use canes or dowel rods decorated like candy canes to perform I'll Be Home For Christmas.  (We used Karen Carpenter's version)  It's very nostalgic and the performance comical, especially if you use people that everyone knows.  Some churches have incorporated it into, "Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Train Station."  Your senior citizens in the local church are going to love this and you can add your own spin on it and make it yours.  You can also tag it on to our most popular comedy called, "Numb and Numb-er", in which the characters are 2 senior citizen widows. 

This DVD is a group of mixed ages performing the piece at CODE East 2009.


$7.00 "I'll Be Home For Christmas" DVD


Christmas Morning at Mountain Creek Train Station

(The Mystery of the Gifts)

(Sequel to Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Train Station)

Now, it is Christmas morning and the snow has let-up, but too deep for anyone

to come or go …or is it?





Being Snowed In Has Never Been So Mysterious

A Wintry Mystery of Comedy, Song, Scripture and  Pizza?

When we left the cast, they had discovered that the train was not coming and that they would be stranded in the train station all night.  The patient Mr. Jenkins, was trying his best to make everyone as comfortable as possible considering the circumstances.  Mr. Sanders was impatient and dreading being stuck in an old train depot on Christmas Eve with a bunch of orphan kids.  Mr. Sanders was only chaperoning the orphans to look good in the eyes of the community.  He expressed his doubts about the whole Christmas story, but when strange happenings started to occur, Mr. Sanders began to soften up.  Strange things like an expecting couple that arrived earlier that evening whom had a baby boy in the delivery room.  Their last name was Shepherd and they named their baby boy, Gabriel.  According to the kids, the only thing that needed to happen for Mr. Sanders to believe was for the kings to show up.  Certainly Mr. Sanders couldn’t deny the Christmas story if the kings showed up.  Sure that this certainly wouldn’t happen, Mr. Sanders agreed to become the children’s Christmas if they did happen to show up.  He barely got the words out of his mouth when the depot door swung open wide and the long lost wanderers from the ski slope staggered in.  The family of three that arrived at the last minute was…you guessed it… the King family.  They had followed the bright light of the train station until they found their way.

Options: If you have not performed Christmas Eve at Mountain Creek Train Station, then you would either prerecord the above paragraph and play it with musical underscore to be bring your audience up to date.  The running time of this script will be about 45 - 50  minutes.

Or you can do both scripts on the same night or choose to perform the scripts on sequential nights.  Both scripts combined together can be performed in about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  You can be very flexible with the songs when doing both scripts.  You can alleviate any songs which will help you manage your performance time if need be.


$15.95 to download Christmas Morning at Mountain Creek Train Station.


"Close Friends" Script

Close Friends Script 

 Download script now  $15.95  

"Close Friends" and things that make the phone ring
Close Friends is a closer look at the human dedication, determination and dilemma through the eyes of a faithful man named Johnny. The 8 scene play follows Johnny from his early age of 4 through the mature age of 80 something.  The message is delivered through the comedy of life and situational events that your audience can immediately relate to from beginning to end.  The "Ring of Truth" in Close Friends, is discovered amidst a good mix of humor and sincere touching drama. Your audience will be laughing one minute and crying the next. The cast member is challenged to make each phase of life believable.  The script is generated from many true events.

Howi performs this piece all year round, but also fits well for Friend Day and Christmas.  If you'd like a very special performance, you can schedule him to come personally.  

Cast - 1 Male
Running time - 1 hour and 15 minutes

Great material for Christmas, Dinner Drama, Friend Day or anytime.

$10.00 CD    Sound Effects and Music Trac

 $15.00 DVD   Close Friends Live Performance



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