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This page features:


Over 80 downloadable single sketches

Sketch Book Series 1 - 78 sketches

Sketch Book Series 2 - 50 sketches   (Different than Series 1)


Below you will find a huge assortment of sketches.  These Christian sketches have been performed by hundreds of actors through the years.  Some are Christian comedy about marriage, teenagers, church life and some are more serious on just about every subject you can think of.  There are also a number of Christian monologues, but visit our monologue page for a look at some very powerful scripts.

New for 2016

Cleopas’ Family and the Feast of Pentecost

(A Sermon Setup for the Feast of Pentecost)

After the resurrection two disciples of Jesus were walking from Jerusalem to their home town of Emmaus.  As they walked a stranger came to them and they started talking.  The stranger was Jesus.  The two disciples did not recognize the Lord.  Jesus asked them why they were so sad and they told the stranger about the events of the day.  They talked long enough that they arrived at the Cleopas’ home.  They invited him to stay and eat.  The table was set and Cleopas asked their visitor to break the bread and when he did the disciples eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus for who he was.  It’s this Cleopas that I have taken poetic license to write this script. Cleopas’s wife, Joanna, has a sister, Naomi, that lives in Jerusalem. Cleopas, Joanna and their daughters, Abigail and Dinah have come to Naomi’s home to stay for the feast of Pentecost.


Cleopas – Husband to Joanna   Exuberant about this visit to Jerusalem

Joanna – Wife to Cleopas

Abigail (Abby) – Daughter to Cleopas and Joanna – age 8-10

Dinah – Daughter to Cleopas and Joanna – age 8-10 however younger than Abigail

Naomi – Sister to Joanna

Chloe – Daughter to Naomi – age 8-10

Running time: About 9 minutes


$8.99  Cleopas' Family and the Feast of Pentecost


Having Done All, I Stand

(Ephesians 6:13)

This monologue is focused on the last line of Ephesians 6 verse 13.  It keys on an idea that there is still more do even after you’ve done all.  It sounds ironic to say you’ve done all and then turn around and say there’s still more to do.  With poetic license I bring the idea to life with a soldier character who has been in the midst of spiritual battles, but realizes that trouble doesn’t stop just because you’ve done all to win on the field of battle that you can see.  After you’ve done all, the battle field changes.  The battle is no longer against the man across the valley, but with the man in the mirror.

Monologue - Male Character, but can be female with an adjustment

Running time: 8 minutes



It is a Good Thing

(A series of Reader’s Theater)


1.    It is a Good Thing – (Thankfulness according to the Psalmist)

2.    Because Jesus is Coming – (Endtime Priorities / Youth Focused)

3.    The Thorns Have a Rose – (Easter)

4.    The Two Towers – (Wisdom and Folly)

5.    One Voice – (Youth themed)

6.    Elijah’s Chariot Doesn’t Swing This Low – (Power over death / Easter)

7.    What a Woman Really Wants…or Else –  (Mother’s Day or Woman’s Event / Comedy with a message)

8.    What a Man Really Wants…or Whatever -  (Father’s Day / Mother’s Day / Men’s Event)

9.   The Cycle – (Family cycle of the daily routine / Comedy with a message)

10. Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la…humbug! – (Christmas Banquets and event / Comedy)



  Download all 10 for only 27.95

The Two Towers

(Godly Wisdom vs Folly)

Reader’s Theater from Proverbs 8 & 9 

Scripture references are from The New Living Translation

The reader’s theater piece, “The Two Towers”, is inspired by the events and principles described in Proverbs 8 and 9.  The New Living Translation is especially descriptive of the two voices that are present in our world.  One voice which is Wisdom, leads to Salvation and the other voice, Folly, leads to death.  Proverbs records that both woman are calling to the world from the heights or towers of the city.  Great as a service opener or sermon set up.

Proverbs 8 describes seven pillars that are with wisdom and so the script ideally requires 7 readers.

In reader’s theater, the reader does not have to memorize their part…however, for the piece to have a chance to genuinely accomplish it’s potential, every reader needs to be so familiar with their part, that they can rise and move with the ebb and flow of the story.

If you have enough space, readers and actors, I can visually see this piece acted out as it is read.

Cast: 7 or more readers   Running time: Should be 8-9 minutes with correct reading emotion.

$8.99 Download "The Two Towers" Reader's Theater


The Pulpit Series 1

A compilation of 15 monologues and scripts to compliment the pulpit

 The Pulpit Series is a body of work that offers a series of scripts that powerfully support the pulpit ministry.  These scripts are written by full time drama minister, Howi Tiller.  They are tested, anointed and life changing.  Each script features characters from the Bible that share their personal experiences.  The characters featured include highly favored Mary the mother of Jesus in the monologue, “Fear Not” and “While the World Sleeps”, to a lesser known person, like Uriah the husband of Bethsheba who was an unfortunate victim of King David’s week moment of sin, in the monodrama called, “When the Hardest Thing to do is the Right Thing to Do.”  This series also includes stories of familiar faces, like Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree to get a better view of Jesus.  Also, with the usage of poetic license, Howi brings many Biblical moments to life, like the feeding of five-thousand in a comical way, yet keeping the miracle intact and sacred in a comedy called, “Whose Lunch is it Anyway."  Here is the list of scripts included: "Whose Lunch is it Anyway", "You Just Need a Tree", "While the World Sleeps", "The Twinkling", "The Touch", "The Miracle of Nain", "The Emmaus Disciple", "The Bethlehem of My Heart", "Someday, Came Today", "Six", "Simeon's Moment", "Obvious", "I've Let Go of the Need to Know Why", "Half Formed, But Whole Hearted", "When the Hardest Thing to do id the Right Thing to Do."  Also, all these script are available as a downloadable single

  Receive all 15 for only 34.95



The Pulpit Series 2

A compilation of 16 monologues and scripts to compliment the pulpit

Here is a list of scripts in included:  "Are You a King?", "Biscuits in the Shore", "Caleb, Son of Judah",  "Cast the Stone", "Cholos", "Failure is Not Final", "He Opened His Hands", "I Stood Silent", "Like a King, Like a Lamb", "Speechless", "The Act", "The Betrayal", "The Perfect Lamb", "The Lions of Babylon", "Thou Art the Man".

You can read the full description of the scripts by scrolling down this page.

  Receive all 16 for only $34.95


Or you can order both Pulpit Series 1 and 2 for only $49.95  That's all 31 Scripts

  Order Pulpit Series 1 and Pulpit Series 2 for only $49.95 



The Miracle of Nain

Howi takes a Biblical miracle of Jesus and ministers to the issue of single parenthood.  Remember the story in the Bible when Jesus stops a funeral procession?  A widow is burying her son and Jesus raises him up.  This is that story in monologue.  9-10 minutes

  $7.89 Download The Miracle of Nain


We’re In The Honey!

(Just don’t let their little legs get caught in your teeth)

 Comedy With a Message 

The Bible records the event when the Lord Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple.  He threw the tables and chairs over and accused the money changers of turning the House of God into a den of thieves.  This is a very serious event and this sketch is careful not to make light of that. 

However, Howi uses a very creative idea to connect those whose tables and chairs may have been broken with the local carpenter and his wife who has a recipe for honey and locust.  Sounds crazy, but it works.

            The setting is a carpenter’s shop where the carpenter’s son is cleaning and sweeping the floor.  A customer comes in who happens to be one of the money changers and his chair was broken in the temple event.  He had brought his chair in to get fixed.  Well, the carpenter has invented something called a, “teeth picker” and was hoping that this money changer would see the error of his ways and decide to sell the teeth pickers and not return to his position as a money changer in the temple.  With some creative antics and clever talk the carpenter’s son accomplishes just that by persuading the money changer to change his ways.  This is a fun sketch as a teaching tool.  The lesson is that we can change and be set free from a tight situation because of our bad decisions.

Cast:  Jeremiah – young boy    (A female could play this part as well.) 

Character is very  clever, witty and very talkative 

Jonathan – Adult male

Running time:  About 5 minutes


7.39 Download the script "We're in the Honey"



The Touch

(Jesus Did What No One Else Could) 

The gospels in the Bible record that Jesus healed the sick, the lame and that the lepers were made clean.  With poetic license, “The Touch” takes us into the life of a man who had become a leper.  Everything in his life was wonderful.  He was happily married and his children loved him very much.  One day in the evening he was washing his hands from being in the field, when a trace of blood appeared in the wash-basin.  He didn’t think too much of it at first.  After all it wasn’t anything new to cut your hand while working in the field.  But when the cut turned into a sore over the next few days, he knew it was something else…something very serious…leprosy.  He knew then that his life was going to change in a drastic way.  Being separated from his wife and children was what he had to look forward to…well, that is until Jesus happened to come into his life.  In a time when it was unlawful to touch a leper, Jesus’ touch changed everything.

 Cast:  Male

Running time:  10 minutes if you allow time for stage movement, musical underscore and emotional segues.

  Download The Touch for $8.39

It Is a Good Thing

(Reader’s Theater for Thankfulness According to the Psalmist)

The scripture reference is Psalm 92:1 It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most High.  All usage of scripture is from the King James translation.  This is a reader’s theater that can be used for the Thanksgiving Holiday or if the sermon or lesson is on the subject of thanksgiving. 

This piece has a great mix of scripture and interesting characters.  Humor rises from time to time as well.  Your audience will rise too when they feel the impact of the ending's crescendo.

Cast:  3 Readers

Running time:  8 minutes

  8.99  Download "It is a Good Thing"

Because Jesus is Coming

(Evangelistic Reader’s Theater Reality)

You want young people to love God...have them do this will start a revival!

Jesus said for us to watch for things that would be taking place on the Earth right before He returns.  The promise of the return of the Lord cannot become old to us.  He said that in a moment that we think not…he will come.  Paul describes it as happening as quickly as a twinkling of an eye.  The return of the Lord for the church will be the next major event in the history of mankind.  This reader’s theater brings the importance of that event back to the forefront of our minds and educates the listener to the fact that Jesus is coming again. 

This reader’s theater has room for rise and fall, inspiration, education, and evangelism through a variety of ages of reader’s.  In my mind, I see teens as well as adults as readers.  A prayerful and anointed presentation has the potential to really bring them out of their seats sort of speak.  Your interpretation of the piece will determine what kind of response you may be looking for from your audience.  However, it is not necessarily written for response, although it certainly could happen…and be prepared for certain audiences to audibly respond.

At times the reader must read like their hair is on fire.  I don’t say that to be funny, but convince you that that’s what it will take to make this piece really powerful and effective.

Cast: Mixed 6 readers

  $8.99  Download "Because Jesus is Coming"

The 2012 Howi Tiller Sketch Book  (50 scripts)

Our 50 most recent sketches and monologues for every time, reason and season through out the year.  Featuring our most popular sermon setup called, "Aisle 33, Seat F" and favorite Christmas comedies like, "Turned Away" and "The Hillside Incident",  the popular Mother's Day monologue, "Is There a Rule Book in Heaven that Says All Mothers Are Right?"...and many more at a incredible price.  Save over $200.00 by ordering this downloadable series.

$49.00 to download the 2012 Howi Tiller Sketch Book  50 Sketches and Monologues


The 2008 Howi Tiller Sketch Book  (78 Sketches)

The Howi Tiller Sketch Book 2008

78 Journeys of Life

A huge mix of comedy, monologue and dialogue through 2008.

God has used these sketches to melt the hardest of hearts and stir the coldest of souls to come to him.  They are sharp.  The words have been prayed over and rewritten more than once.  The actor with the right heart and motivation will use them skillfully.  The actor is empowered to be more than just a mouth piece, but an anointed dramatist.  Not an entertainer, but a messenger.   Take your audience on a journey.


  $59.00 Download all 78 sketches


General Scripts Listed Below.  They represent a variety of subjects.

I Laugh: Comedies and Monologues 

                With a Message

Also new for 2012

Flame Retardant Pajamas

(And Other Symptoms of Menopause)

 My wife is the inspiration of this comedy sketch about menopause…which at times isn’t all that funny…at least not to her anyway.  I can understand that.  Men don’t go through menopause…at least not the way women do, so I guess we can’t totally identify with them as they are enduring that part of life change.  So as husbands we faithfully walk with them down the path of life hand in hand…well not hand and hand…it’s too hot.  Calling your wife “hot” takes on a new meaning. 

Flame Retardant Pajamas is a comedy just waiting for the next banquet, comedy night, dinner theater, dessert drama or woman’s event.

Cast: M/F  Husband and Wife   Running time 6-7 minutes   Hilarious!!

Want a sample...just let us know at

$7.89 Download the comedy "Flame Retardant Pajamas"


Aisle 33 Seat F?

(In Search of Jesus at the Big Box Store)

Howi C. Tiller

     Many people are searching for something new in their life…a new start or new beginning.  We all know that starts with Jesus.  He is the author of second chances.

       What would it be like if someone’s search for Jesus is similar to our experience when trying to find something at a big box store?  You know the kind of stores I’m talking about, where there are a million aisles and you’re clueless on even where to start your search for the part you need.  Sometimes the sales person points you off in a general direction or spouts off an aisle number that is clear on the other side of the store…which is some times wrong when you get there.  It can be frustrating.  At times you’re afraid to ask for help because the sales person doesn’t look like they want to be bothered.  So, you take off on your own and spend way too much time finding something that should have only taken a few minutes.  “Aisle 33 Seat F?”, is that comical look and yet eye opening sketch that may cause us to think about our guests and hospitality in a different way.

      “Aisle 33 Seat F?”, is designed to get the church to think about the process of how a guest perceives your church and the first impression they have as they enter the church doors.

      In this story a seeker enters the big box store hoping to find Jesus.  After having conversation with four different zany sales people, which all lead him all over the store, he comes full circle to find out he has to login, but can't because he doesn't have an ID nor the password.  Your church will love the humor and the message in, "Aisle 33 Seat F?"  Perfect set-up for preparing your church for evangelism.

Cast: 5 mixed

The sketch can be performed by 5 people or by 2 people. 

Running time:  About 9-10 minutes

$8.99  Download "Aisle 33 Seat F?"


Marbles and Scruples

(A Delightful Sketch for Grandparents Day) 

A young granddaughter is visiting her grandpa at a nursing home when she asks him if he has ever lost his marbles.  He tells her about the games of marbles he played when he was a kid at school during recess.  Eventually, he discovers why she has asked the question and then relates to her a wonderful story about losing your marbles but more importantly about not losing your scruples.  This often-comical sketch threads its way down the road of questions and answers until a very heart warming hug brings the conversation to a touching conclusion.  Your grandparents will love this story and the whole audience will be historically and emotionally enlightened.

This could be a wonderful sketch for Grandparent’s Day, Family Friendly Event or Senior Citizen appreciation night.

            *All the names used to describe the marbles and the game are historically real and accurate.

 Cast: 1 M, 1 F


Jordan – 10 to 12 years old.  It can vary, but not too old. Actually, two adults could play the roles, but one just acting like a 10 to 12 year old

Running time 7 minutes


$8.99 Marbles and Scruples download    email us for a sample


Biscuits on the Shore

(Monodrama Comedy / Cast Your Nets on the Right Side)

Much has been speculated about the disciple who eventually became known as the, "Doubting Thomas." The truth is, all of the disciples scattered and turned their backs on Jesus. Where was Thomas when the Lord first appeared to his disciples as they hid behind closed doors?…we don't know, so let's don't accuse him, too soon.

The scene takes place after the resurrection and Peter has talked the disciples into going fishing.  It is here that we find that the disciples having been fishing all night and have caught nothing.  Someone on shore calls out to them, “have you any meat?”  Of course it is Jesus and He has breakfast ready for the disciples.  It is at that breakfast that Jesus commissions Peter to feed His sheep.

Cast: 1 M

Running time - 6 minutes


$6.59  Download  Biscuits on the Shore


Dollar Bill and Big Ben

(A comedy puppet sketch about tithing and financial giving) 

Two of the most touchy subjects to talk about are finances and tithing.  Pastors sometimes find it challenging to bring up the subjects.  So, we let the puppets say things that would otherwise be hard to say or communicate from the pulpit alone.  The sketch deals with finances and giving and helps the pastor move through the process a little easier now that the ice has been broken through the use of this sketch.  This script has some good comedy lines but ends with a strong message about giving.  Another sketch that works well with the giving idea is called Dr. Newheart, which is found on our site at

Cast: 2 Puppets – You can also make your own.  Nobbies and Hobby Lobby have material to make your own puppets.

Big Ben:  An oversize 100 dollar bill – He speaks with sophistication and clear diction. 

Dollar Bill:  A regular size 1 dollar bill – Speaks with a regular to thin voice.  Be careful not to manipulate the voice so much that the audience can’t understand you, but the voice needs to be quite different than Big Ben's.

  $6.99 Download Dollar Bill and Big Ben


What a Man Really Wants…or Whatever

(A reader’s theater comedy dedicated to Father’s Day or men’s event) 

Written with the same feel as, “What a Woman Really Wants…or Else.”  This is another fun reader’s theater for Father’s Day or Men’s event.  The comedy and the light heartedness of the sketch are to be performed with tongue-in-cheek.  I know that all wives truly love their husbands and the sketch is to be done as a spoof.  Even though the comedy pokes fun at our father’s and men in general, the ending brings a balance to how we all feel about our father’s and how diligent men feel about God.   

Reader’s theater is not memorized, but dramatically read in character with all the neat little nuances and facial expressions in comedic timing.  This sketch has a wonderful message at the end that encourages healthy marriage relationships and commitment. 

Cast:  4 readers

1 – Male

2 – Female

3 – Female

4 – Female

Props:  4 microphones and stands.  The pages are hand held.

Running time:  5-6 minutes

$8.99 Download What a Man Really Wants...or Else



Good News Can't Wait 

Years ago, news and communication traveled in a very austere way compared to today’s internet.  One way for news to travel was by Pony Express.  It was faster than a stage coach because it was just one rider riding as fast as he could from post to post.  This sketch plays off that character and parallels the Pony Express rider with someone who preaches the gospel.  The historical connection is that many people went west to find fame and fortune, but lost everything in the process.  Many people think that success is just over the hill or greener pastures are to be found somewhere other than where they are.  With that concept in mind, the character in this monologue brings the importance of good news to new light.  This sketch can be performed anytime and works well as a sermon set-up.     Cast 1  Running time 7 minutes

$5.69 Download "Good News Can't Wait"


I Inspire: Sketches and Monologues that work well anytime of the year and as sermon set-ups.


The Twinkling

His Magnificent Smallness

Psalm 147:3-4 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.

The Twinkling”,  is a monologue that will inspire the audience to grow past conventional thinking.  It will remind the believer that God does not work according to our calendar and his timing is always right.  The seeker finds refuge in this script as it proclaims to them that even though that our magnificent God spoke the stars into existence and calls them all by name, that God is still small enough to be magnificent in his healing of the broken and wounded heart.  

The Twinkling...where God does his magnificent work.  Wonderful sermon set-up

Cast:  M/F    Can be biblical or modern day     Running time:  7 minutes

$7.89 to Download "The Twinkling"



Half Formed, But Whole Hearted

(The Importance of Sincerity)

Mark chapter 9 verses 14-27 records a wonderful miracle of a young man being delivered from an evil spirit by the Lord Jesus.  This monologue takes us on that emotional journey that the father of the young man experienced.  This father carried a huge burden on his shoulders.  His son was different than the others.  This father was walking down the road that no other father was walking.  Who could relate to this father?  What answers were there?  How long could this father endure with this weight of anguish as he watched an evil spirit try to destroy his son in the fire and in the water.  This is a very emotional script, but one that will relate to your audience’s conscience and soul.  It is a story of triumph despite a generation of faithlessness.  It is triumph because it calls us to be honest with who we are and sincere with what we still need and that’s…Jesus.

Fantastic sermon setup.

Cast:  M  (However, I think the piece can still be done with a female character about her daughter just as easy.  It doesn’t change the message of the story.  Just let your audience know that you’re doing that.) 

Biblical costume

Special effects:  The right music would enhance the overall effect

Running time:  8-9 minutes (Depending on ebb and flow and music)

  $7.59 Download Half Formed But Whole Hearted


Elijah’s Chariot Doesn’t Swing This Low

(The City Where All Men Are From)

 This monologue is one of the most mind, soul and heart searching scripts that God has inspired me to write.  The power in it is the revelation it contains, not my ability to write it.  I only wish I could be a sharper tool to tell the story.  The Holy Spirit will touch your audience and open their eyes to the message of this script.  I have faith it can more fully lead a believer as well as a non-believer to a better understanding of why Jesus came.  He was born in Bethlehem, but also birthed from the place we’re all citizens of…the grave.  Do not mistake that statement to sound morbid.  It is not morbid when you realize just what Jesus did for all of us when he resurrected from the grave.  It is with this idea in mind that this resurrection monologue takes us to the place where the Lord identified with us the most.  The triumphant ending of this monologue will inspire your audience to praise and worship.

A Biblical character speaks about what it was like to be one of the ones who came out of the grave on the resurrection morning.

Appropriate anytime, but especially during the Easter season. 

Cast:  M/F

7.49  Download     Elijah's Chariot Doesn't Swing This Low


Going Up a Level

(The Angels want a sneak-peek)

The character in this monologue is encouraging the church to go to the next level in commitment and evangelism.  Church leaders are stressing the importance of saints being more evangelistic and dedicated to living the life outside of “the church atmosphere”.  This monologue addresses some of those issues in a creative way.  The scripture support is 1 Corinthians 13 and the book of Ephesians.  Ephesians reminds us that we are God’s workmanship and Corinthians encourages us to minister in love.  Informative, with a touch of comedy.  Great sermon set-up about growth.

Cast:  M/F

Foreman or Engineer        

Props:  Blue prints, hard hat

Running time:  4-5 minutes

Scene starts as a track of construction sounds is played in the back ground.  An excited engineer/construction foreman enters with a set of blue-prints in hand.

$4.50  Download, "Going Up a Level"


The Cycle

(A Fun Reader’s Theater About the Non-stop Events of Life)

 The Cycle, is an excerpt from the full length play called, Time…When the Ticking is Done.  It’s a great stand alone piece with comedy and rhyme.  This piece can be performed anytime.  It encompasses many subjects about life yet at the same deals with headline news events that happen while everyday life happens.  It works well in a marriage retreat or family friendly event like dessert theater or comedy night.  It could also be a perfect sermon set-up about the rapture and the end of time. 

Normally, a reader’s theater is staged so that the readers are sitting or standing abreast.  In this piece feel free to have the readers move so as to emulate the theme itself.  Or for that matter you can make the piece a traditional dialogued piece where everyone learns the lines as we did when we performed it in the full length play.  We’ve included some movement notes in the script.

Cast: 4 Readers       Running time about 5 minutes


      $ 8.89 Download "The Cycle", reader's theater or dialogued drama





The Cycle from, "Time...when the ticking is done", performed while on tour in Sacramento, California


Cast the Stone

(An Excerpt from, The Opening of the Hand)

Howi C. Tiller

The scene is the woman caught in the act of adultery.  The actors are playing four men who have caught a woman in the act of adultery.  The woman and Jesus are imagined by the audience.  To add a very surreal feel to the sketch we played the characters with white masks and white stones in our hands.  The masks were cut down to only cover the top half of the face so our mouths were exposed.  Cast the Stone is a very stylized piece of the biblical record, but powerfully works to bring the thoughts of the Pharisees to light.  They wanted to catch Jesus in a corner and prove to the people that Jesus was here to break the law of Moses.

A special sound track during this scene can help to add the appropriate emotion.

Cast: 4 M




Barek                        Running time about 6 minutes


Download Cast the Stone   $6.99  View a performance of Cast the Stone




"Cast the Stone" Video clip


Thou Art the Man

(An excerpt from “The Dance of the Broken Bones)

Howi C. Tiller

David may have thought that he was going to get away with what he did to Uriah and his sin with Uriah’s, wife, Bathsheba.  He may have thought he wouldn’t have to take the blame or be uncovered as having fault, but God knew and sent his prophet, Nathan to confront David.  The mercy of the Lord shows powerfully through this wonderful story.

The setting is King David’s chambers. The two chairs are positioned like throne seats.  As the scene opens, Nathan has just arrived and entering into David’s presence.  As the scene opens King David and Bathsheba are stage left in the shadows when they hear someone coming from stage right.  It is Nathan the prophet.  David sends Bathsheba away quickly.  Nathan delivers God's message to David.

This would be the ultimate sermon set-up or sermon crescendo

Cast:   King David, Nathan the prophet



   $7.00 Download




"Thou Art the Man Part 1 video clip", excerpt from the full length play, "The Dance of the Broken Bones".



Thou Art the Man Part 2 video clip


Caleb, a Son of Judah

(A man of destiny and faith)

Moses choose twelve men, (One from each tribe that exited Egypt) to spy out the promised land.  The land was described as land that flowed with milk and honey.  After forty days of exploring the land, ten of the twelve men said that there wasn’t any way to conquer the land.  However, Joshua and Caleb came back with a different opinion.  They were both convinced that they would conquer the land.  This sketch picks up at that very moment where Caleb is standing before the other men of Israel and trying to convince them that they must go up at once for they could certainly take the land.  This moment was a pivotal one as the men voted not to take the land and God had them wander in the desert for forty years.

This monologue could certainly become an appropriate sermon set-up.  It would also be appropriate for a men’s conference or event.


Download Caleb, a Son Judah  $4.89


The Lions of Babylon


     Darius is now king of what once was ruled by Nebuchadnezzar.  Under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar this kingdom was known as Babylon.  At the time of our story, Darius is the ruler of that part of the dream interpreted by Daniel as the shoulders of silver, called Medo-Persia.  Daniel and others have lived long enough to see two kingdoms come into power.  It is at this time that Daniel along with two other men have been elevated to President, a high position of leadership.  These Presidents were over one hundred and twenty princes.  The character in this monologue is one of those Presidents.  He is condescending toward Daniel and instrumental in getting the decree passed that would have anyone who bows to anything or anyone except Darius, put to death in the den of lions.  The decree would last for thirty days. The message in this story is to show that when we do the consistent devotion to God, that he honors that obedience.  When we do the little size things, God can do the God size things.

     As in all our monologues we try to encourage the actor to not just tell the audience the story, but to show the story as much as it makes sense to do and still be believable.

 Running time 6-7 minutes


  $5.49 Download The Lions of Babylon


A Life of Swords and Thorns

(Do What You Know to Do…He Will Do the Rest)


A Powerful Easter Message From Mary's Point of View

Jesus was crucified and his body was taken from the cross as the sun was going down.  In keeping with the Sabbath, the disciples had just a short time to anoint his body.  The job was not done to the standard that was deserving of the Lord.  On the morning of the third day the Bible speaks of Mary Magdalena, Joanna and other women preparing to go to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body with precious spices and ointments. The sketch also allows Mary to reflect back to the day when she brought the baby Jesus into the temple and an old man named Simeon approached her and Joseph.  Simeon shared with them how he was promised by God that he would not die until he had seen the Lord’s Christ.  Simeon also told Mary about a day to come where the sword would pierce her soul.

Cast: 3 F     Mary the mother of Jesus, Magdalena, Joanna   Running time 8-9 minutes

$8.89  Download "A Life of Swords and Thorns"


                                              He Opened His Hands

(An Easter excerpt from the full length play,

The Opening of the Hand )


Cast:   Centurion, Malchius, Talmus, Caspin

Four soldiers are conversing about the crucifixion.  Jesus has just been crucified by these soldiers and two of them are disturbed by what they saw.  Malchius is callused to any of it and wants to do away with all of them, especially, Barabbas.  Talmus is a bit indifferent and not definitive either way, just doing his job.  The younger soldier, Caspin is very moved and has many questions.  The Centurion of course is also very moved.

Caspin:  Sir, I have to ask.  It was loud out there…the earth was shaking, but –

Centurion:  Caspin, I don’t know…I don’t know…was the earth shaking or was it your heart pounding so fearfully hard that you didn’t know if it was the ground moving or your legs giving away to fear?

$8.99 Download "He Opened His Hands"



 He Opened His Hands” can be an accompaniment to a larger performance or a powerful and moving stand alone 9-10 minute sketch.   You can read more about the full length play, "The Opening of the Hand" on the Drama Page

The Witness

(An Easter Themed Sketch.)

The Bible records that witnesses were hired to speak lies about Jesus while he was on trial.  The Sanhedrin would have been breaking the law by having a trial at night, but that didn’t stop them.  Howi takes poetic license to paint a picture of a private meeting where two scribes are trying to get a man to lie against Jesus.  This man was blind, but Jesus healed him.  The man will not submit to their wishes and the Pharisees accuse him of never being blind and that he made it up to get money from the people. 

 Cast: 3M 

Epiphras - Pharisee

Aseph – Was blind but now sees – common man

Gomel: – Pharisee

 Setting:  Room in the temple somewhere    Running time:  6-7 minutes

$7.79 Download    * Not in the Howi Tiller Sketch Book 2008



I Stood Silent

(Immediate moments after Jesus' trial)

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were members of the Sanhedrin council.  They were Pharisees and elders of Israel and part of the group that accused Jesus of blasphemy.  No doubt they were not in favor of the judgment that was spoken over Jesus that took place illegally.  I’m sure their lots were votes of dissention against the council.  It appears they embraced Jesus’ teaching in a way the other members did not.

            Joseph begged for the body of the Lord and offered his tomb for Jesus to be laid in.  The monologue called "Obvious" is Joseph at the cross if you wanted to have another sketch follow, "I Stood Silent.". 

            Nicodemus met with Jesus at night and asked him questions.

            In this sketch, Joseph and Nicodemus are discussing the way Jesus’ trial was handled and their own shame for standing silent when it mattered most.  This could be a perfect set-up for the Calvary scene.      Running time 6-7 minutes

Cast: 2 M

Joseph of Arimathea – Elder in Israel

Nicodemus – Elder in Israel 

Download for $8.50      * Not in the Howi Tiller Sketch Book 2008



Like a King, Like a Lamb

(Barabbas in prison) 

Barabbas is in a prison cell when he hears the iron doors to the cell next door to him open, someone shuffled in and then closed.  He doesn’t know it, but it’s Jesus.  He has been beaten, and put in prison.  Barabbas doesn’t know it, but he is to be set free and Jesus crucified in his stead.  Howi, again uses poetic license to create a moving, believable story in Like a King, Like a Lamb.  The main production is a monodrama except when the soldier appears for just a few lines at the end. 

 Cast: 2 M



 $6.69  Download "Like a King, Like a Lamb"



Custom Sound Track for Like a King, Like a Lamb $4.00



The Betrayal - This is a perfect monologue for the Easter season.  It can stand alone or be an addition to a full program.  Caiaphas reflects back to the moment when he was visited by Judas and set up the moment when Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus.

Cast: 1 Male       Running time about 9 minutes


$6.89 Download  The Betrayal

Someday Came Today    $7.89 Download O
ne of the most powerful sermon set-ups or sermon follow-ups.  This monologue is about the thief at the cross who reached out to Jesus.  We can hypothesize about his past, but what a miraculous day for someone who didn’t deserve it.  Christ’s love is wonderfully shown in this event at Calvary.  Even though the event is historical, Howi brings a modern application through the breaking down of just the one line that Jesus said to the thief.  Today, you will be with me in Paradise.  Never will those words have a more inspirational and more relative meaning then when they come alive through this monologue.   Running time 8  minutes


The Perfect Lamb  $7.89 Download

Another powerful sermon set-up or follow-up.  We know that Abraham took Isaac to sacrifice on the mountain of Mariah.  God supplied the sacrifice.  What we don’t know is, ‘where did that ram or sheep come from?’  Was it a wandering sheep from a nearby herd?  Howi uses a little poetic license to tell the story of the perfect lamb that God supplied to Abraham for the sacrifice.  There are many parallels to Christ and Calvary woven through the script.  This monologue can be performed at any time of the year.   Running time:  6 minutes


Are You a King?

$5.49  Sometimes you aren’t looking for a full length play, but you’d still like just enough drama to weave in the traditional Easter story.   This script records what it might have sounded like when Jesus was brought before Pilot and Herod.  Howi uses just a little poet license.  The usage of Herod wanting to see a miracle performed by Jesus is featured in a very thought provoking way.  Great for Easter or powerful sermon setup.


General Subjects

The Emmaus Disciple

(Cleopas, a Witness of Pentecost Monologue) 

The day of Pentecost was the birth of the church in Jerusalem.  Peter stood up that day and preached the first message that thrust the church into existence.    I have taken one of the disciples from the book of Luke chapter 24 verse 18, called Cleopas, that the Bible records was on his way to Emmaus with another disciple after Jesus’ resurrection.  On their way Jesus appeared to them, but they did not recognize him.  They talked with him as they walked and when they arrived to their home in Emmaus, the men asked Jesus to eat with them.  As Jesus began to break bread, their eyes were opened and knew that it was him.  I have taken a little poetic license to have Cleopas also on the hillside when Jesus ascended away into the heavens and there in the upper room on the day of Pentecost.  This monologue is a good mix of history and natural revealing of what the Bible says happened on that day.  Historically, according to the book of Acts, the Old Testament celebration of the feast of Pentecost was going on in Jerusalem.  Because of this thousands of people were there from other countries and regions.   Cast:  1 M  Running time about 7 minutes  

$7.79 Download The Emmaus Disciple


You Just Need a Tree

(Changing the Altitude of Your Attitude)

Luke 19:1 

The story of Zacchaeus in the book of Luke is one that every child that’s been to Sunday has heard.  Zaachaeus is the man who was evidently a little too short to see Jesus because of the crowd, so he climbed a tree.  But this monologue is far more than just the story of one of our Sunday School favorites.  I’ve taken the physicality of Zacchaeus and translated it to have a spiritual application.  Zacchaeus only needed a tree and it changed everything.  Zacchaeus only needed to change his altitude or in this instance, the height of his faith.  When he did, salvation came to his house that day.  This monologue is a wonderful sermon compliment as a setup or follow-up to a pulpit message.  It can certainly stand alone as a powerful messenger of faith and teach others that all they need is to elevate their thinking and Jesus will meet you at your need.  I think you’ll really love the way the cross of Calvary is intertwined into the ending. 

Cast: Zacchaeus  Running time: 10 minutes

$8.49 Download     "You Just Need a Tree"


It Is a Good Thing

(Reader’s Theater for Thanksgiving According to the Psalmist)

The scripture reference is Psalm 92:1 It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most High.  All usage of scripture is from the King James translation.  This is a reader’s theater that can be used for the Thanksgiving Holiday or if the sermon or lesson is on the subject of thanksgiving. 

This piece has a great mix of scripture and interesting characters.  Humor rises from time to time as well.  Your audience will rise too when they feel the impact of the ending's crescendo.

Cast:  3 Readers

Running time:  8 minutes

$ 8.99  Download "It is a Good Thing"



Return to Give Him Thanks

(The leper who returned to give thanks)

Luke 17 records the story of the ten lepers that Jesus healed.  All ten men were healed, but only one came back to thank the Lord for his healing.  Howi uses the scriptural events and poetic license to show us a moving story of the Samaritan leper who was healed by Jesus and came back to thank him.

(A Thanksgiving themed monologue for any time of the year.)

Cast: Male

Running time: 6-8 minutes depending on interpretation of actor and musical underscore 

$4.69 Download  


All Aboard! 

$8.99  Download "All Aboard"


(The Last Trip to Faithful)

 © Copyright 2008 Howi C Tiller

            This play is about the last trip to Heaven or Faithful.  The scene is a train station or depot.   Many people have made the trip, but this trip is the last one.  The conductor who is a type of the Church is speaking about the past passengers and who the first passengers were.  Many years have come and gone and the last trip has finally arrived.

            As the play opens the conductor enters and walks down the board walk and looks at his watch from time to time. He acts excited and a little melancholy at the same time. This is the last trip that the train called, “Wonderful”, is going to make to the city called Faithful. 

            The sketch has a very moving ending as a long lost loved one comes home just as the train enters the station. 

 Perfect as a complete sermon or as a father/son or mother/daughter event

            This can be an era or period piece.  It might be interesting to portray the scene as happening in the early 1900’s.  It can be anytime…you decide.  Have fun with it.

Cast: 2 M

Conductor – Older 40’s or 50’s

Son – 20’s

Or the script can be done by female actors as well.  The message doesn’t change.

2 F

Conductor – Older 40’s or 50’s

Daughter – 20’s       Running time about 16-17 minutes


Entire Books Below

8 Complete sketch books listed below with a great mix of comedy, monologue and dialogue that you can buy as a whole complete work.  Many sketches are available as a single.  Some of the monologues are in Spanish.  View the monologue page, too.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach us at


"Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?"

       A book of sketches about what we 

                                are all good at...passing the blame.

                $15.00 Download entire book of  sketches from "Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?"  

        Mom, Dad's Seeing Things Again - “Mom, dad’s seeing things again”, is a one liner my oldest daughter said while I was looking in the bathroom mirror some time ago.  I was combing my thinning hair at the time.  As a middle age adult I thought I could ignore the fact that life brings or should I say, “takes away”, such things, but our children turn into teenagers and well…they become that constant reminder that life is passing by.  Cast: 3  1M / 2 F  Comedy situation  7-8 minutes

  Download the above sketch only $6.29




  You Should Have Planned Ahead - Situation: A married couple is sitting in their car outside someone’s home and they are late for an event.  He is blaming her and she retaliates by blaming him.  They have arrived at the event, but 15 minutes late. They’ve been arguing and don’t want to go in until they have settled the issue and erased the look of accusation and blame.  Come to find out they are parked in front of the wrong house.   

Cast: 2  1M / 1 F   Comedy  6 minutes

Download for only $7.69




  Duh!  - “Duh!”, is a sketch about a couple reading the things that the newspaper reports or advertises.  It is a hilarious and light hearted look into the, "fault", issues that we read or hear about in everyday life...and even when it happens at home.  This husband and wife sketch would be fun for dinner drama, marriage retreats or even a neat sermon set-up.  Cast: 2 1M / 1F  Comedy 5 minutes


Download for $7.50



Where Was Adam In All This? - Much has been said, preached and debated when talking about whose fault is was when Adam and Eve were asked to leave the garden of Eden.  The Bible said that Adam blamed Eve.  I guess it’s just human nature for us to point the blame on someone else.  Well, “Where Was Adam in All This”, takes a deeper look at what some say should have happened.                   Cast: 2 1M / 1F   Serious Comedy  6-7 minutes  Perfect for marriage retreat and great for a dinner drama sketch.



  $7.29  Download




Six - What was the woman at the well thinking or doing before she went to the well?  Obviously her life wasn’t one to be jealous of.  She had been married six times before and the man she was living with wasn’t her husband.  The script paints a very vivid picture of oppression.  With poetic license, Howi weaves another moving and enlightening monologue that needs to be seen and heard. Cast: 1F     Serious drama  8 minutes with the right music.  This monodrama speaks to regrets.


  Download for $7.99



Thou Art The Man - David may have thought that he was going to get away with what he did to Uriah and his sin with Uriah’s, wife, Bathsheba.  He may have thought he wouldn’t have to take the blame or be uncovered as having fault, but God knew and sent his prophet, Nathan to confront David.  The mercy of the Lord shows powerfully through this wonderful story.

Thou Art The Man is a dialogue written to be the sequel to the monologue, “When The Hardest Thing To Do Is The Right Thing To Do”, from the book, entitled, “Obvious.”   Cast: 2M  Serious  8 minutes

  $7.00 Download



Failure Is Not Final - Peter denied the Lord three times and I’m sure until Jesus let Peter know that He was alive and everything was okay, that Peter was his own worst enemy.  Anxiety will kill you.  I think that Jesus knew that Peter would be one big wreck of emotion, so He made sure to tell Mary Magdalene to tell Peter that, “I am alive.”  I don’t think that statement was just for Peter, but for all of humanity.  Let everyone know that everything can be okay because I have overcome death, hell and the grave.  Cast: 2 1M / 1F                 Serious 7-8 minute

 Download for $6.00



  Download the entire Obvious sketch book now $15.00

 "Obvious"... A new book from Howi's desk.  "Obvious",  offers a good mix of reader's theater, monologues, a teen's sketch and more.  This is a very exciting book of sketches that challenge the actor to really discover the emotional delivery of each character.  The monologue with Uriah (When the Hardest Thing to Do Is The Right Thing to Do) is one of the most powerful we've written and has become a strong signature piece that Howi has decided to share with you.

  • One Voice - Reader's Theater for teens.  Howi uses humor and the Word to equip teen readers with a dynamic reading to declare the power of just one voice, especially if that voice is God's.  6 minutes  Great for youth service or Christian School Competition

Add to Cart Download the above script only for $6.75

When The Hardest Thing to Do Is the Right Thing to Do - Uriah/Monologue.  Uriah, an honorable Israelite soldier became the victim of David's moment of weakness as he sinned with Uriah's wife.  This moving emotional monologue demonstrates the commitment Uriah displayed when faced with the hardest thing to do, yet doing the right thing.  8-9 minutes                                     

$7.89 Download When the Hardest Thing to do is the Right Thing to Do

  • We have created a custom Studio Quality Music Trac for this monologue.  It includes an audio backdrop so the audience has a historical understanding of who Uriah was.  Music underscore appears throughout the monologue to enhance a moving atmosphere for the actor to play off of.  The ending is a very thought provoking and emotional experience.


          The Hardest Thing to Do...Sound track $8.00 

          Downloadable - We receive a notification that you have purchased the trac.

          We then send the track to you via the internet.  You will need to make sure

          that you can receive the CD through high speed internet

  •  Teens  Not What It Seemed - A person is sitting alone in a room or cafe.  You wave or gesture toward them but they don’t respond.  What do you do?  Do you go over and say they are rude, talk about them to your friends so you look cool or do you think they think they are cooler than you and don’t want to be bothered by you?  Well, it’s none of the above because things aren’t always what they seem.  Great teen discussion starter.


    Add to Cart Download the above script only $4.50

    A Follower Enough to Build An Ark, Leader Enough to Save His Family - (Monologue)  A modern look at the story of Noah.  Just as Noah tried to convince the world to prepare for the flood, this monologue strives to communicate to others today to make the right choices.  The audience doesn't realize it is Noah until almost the end of the monologue.  6-7 minutes


    $5.89 Download the above script

  • Obvious - (Monologue)  There are  many monologues about Calvary, but most are from Mary's or Caiaphas' point of view.  This one is from the perspective of the man who begged for the body of the Lord, Joseph of Arimethea.  This isn't revealed to your audience until the last line.  Powerful stand alone monologue or to compliment a larger production. 5-6 minutes

Download Obvious for $7.50


  • Laughter - (Monologue)  This comical look at one of the greatest events of the Bible fits well in a woman's retreat of conference.  Sarah over hears the conversation that her husband, Abram is having with the three visitors from heaven.   7 minutes

$8.75 Download "Laughter"

  • The Miracle of Nain - Howi takes a Biblical miracle of Jesus and ministers to the issue of single parenthood.  Remember the story in the Bible when Jesus stops a funeral procession?  A widow is burying her son and Jesus raises him up.  This is that story in monologue.  9-10 minute
  • s

      $7.89 to download The Miracle of Nain


    • The Stones of Witness - What if the stones in the Bible could talk?  This light hearted look gives a voice to many of the stones that were used in the Bible.  Great teen sketch with a message. 10 minutes



    Download all sketches in the book called, "All I Said Was", now $15.00

    "All I Said Was..." A palette of serious comedy written from the desk-top of life. Eight sketches that are ready for your next dinner drama or banquet. Slices of life that will identify with your audience from beginning to end.

    • "Dr. Newheart" - A virus called selfishidous has broke out in your audience

              and the only cure is to immediately operate. A fun and comical sketch

              for youth services or banquets. 8 minutes.

          Download the above script only $2.50

    Weighty Situation - A piece of mail addressed to "Dear Occupant", comes to the house and the husband says that the mail is for his wife.  When she asks how he can tell it's for her, he says, "because it has something to do with loosing weight". Sparks fly during this husband and wife comedy that comes full circle when another piece of "Dear Occupant", mail is about Rogain and hair loss.   7 minutes.



    $6.50 Download
    • "The Hardee's Revelation" (Monologue) - A young father and his son are at Hardee's

                   when the little boy wants to go play in the balls.  When it finally came time for them to leave, the little boy didn't want to go.  A tug of war unfolds over wills.  6 minutes


    • "All I Said Was" - A husband is upset at his wife when she said, "like father,

               like son", just after their son burped loudly at a leadership picnic held at the

               pastor's house. Great marriage retreat or couple's events. Cast of 2, 1M / 

               1F  Comedy. 7-8 minutes.


      Download for $5.00


    "Fitly Framed Together and Goeth"

    (A fun parable comedy)

    What if every member of the church were a car part and every member thought their part was the most important?  We'd have division and chaos.  The theme comes from Ephesians 4:16 "From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love."  This sketch written for youth to perform, but has a message that the whole church needs to hear. Cast of about 12 mixed M/F  Comedy. 7 minutes.

    $7.00 Download

    "Fore" - A pastor of the local church joins three other men on the first tee of the golf course. Intense moments when they find out who he is.  Comedy. Great for men's retreat. Cast or 4M - 7 minutes.


    • "Change" - A husband comes home from work only to find that his wife has ripped

                            all the wall paper off the living room walls. She says, "it's time for a change and I just can't change that." The husband warns her that the Lord is asking for trouble by allowing women into heaven. Cast of 2, 1M / 1F   Comedy. 5 minutes.


    Download $5.50

    • "North is North" - A group of singles set sail on what started out as a beautiful day,

                          but when a fog moves in everyone on board questions the ability of the captain to get them home. Ministers to the divorced.  20-25 minutes.


    Download the entire book for $15.00

    "Perils of Great Price" - Costly comedy! Another comedy   

    sketch book from the desk-top of life's experiences and much more. 13 sketches and monologues that will enhance your drama ministry throughout the whole year. You're sure to please every audience with this treasury of drama and comedy.

                                                                                                                                                                                 "Candle Light Dinner for 2?" - A wife has ideas for her and her husband to go on a date, but he has plans to go golfing with the neighbor, Bob.  Great for Dinner Drama. marriage retreats, Valentine's Day, etc.

               Download the above script $6.29


    "Closet Candles" - Jack is searching the closet for a candle for the candle lighting

               ceremony at church, but none of the candles want to go, except the shortest, most used birthday candle. Cast of 6 1M and 5 mixed   Comedy. 8 minutes.

              $6.75 Closet Candles


    • "In Your Ear" - A husband returns home from his first visit to the local

                                                                                                       l prison ministry where one of his associates stuck his fingers in his mouth and then stuck them in an inmates ears. Find out why when you read, "In Your Ear". 

                Cast of 2, 1M / 1F   Comedy  5-6 minutes

    • "Cholos" (Monologue) - Howi takes poetic license to create a wonderful monologue about a

                                  crippled man who was also born the night of the bright star that shone over Bethlehem.  This monologue can stand alone for anytime of the year or be added to a Christmas program.  Cholos is one of our most emotional pieces.  Moving and emotional.  12 minutes  Feel free to add your own music underscore.


              Download Cholos $6.00

    • "Daniel and the Dangerous Dudes" - A puppet sketch about Daniel and the Lions Den. Great comedy to mix with a great story.  It can also be done as a dialogued sketch with human characters. Comedy. 8 minutes.         

      $6.00 Download

    "Are We Having Company or Something" - A vacuuming mother takes offense to her accusing children that she only cleans the house when they are getting ready for company. Cast of 5  2 Adults and 2 teens and one adolescent  Comedy. 7-8 minutes.


    Download Are We Having Company or Something? $5.69

    • "My Elelator, Not Your Elelator"  (Monodrama) - A business man is late for an important meeting

                                 because he hit the snooze button too many times. A little girl who pushes all the buttons makes the elevator stop on almost every floor causing comedic tension.

              (Monodrama) Comedy about time management. 6 minutes.

              Download My Elelator, Not Your Elelator $2.75

    • "Nights of the Round Table 1" - A husband shares his boyhood memories of

                                                                                                           family time around the dinner table with his wife. They are some of his best memories. 6 minutes.


    • "Nights of the Round Table 2" - Around the dinner table, a husband and wife

                                                                                                           discover it's time to start their own, "Nights of the Round Table", with their children, too. Life comedy. 7 minutes.

    • "Keeper of The Heart" - A 25 minute monologue about making the right decisions in life and listening to your conscience. Life Comedy


    • "Suicide Mission" - A woman contemplating suicide gets an unexpected visitor. The visitor saves her life. A special ministries sketch. 6 minutes.


    • "A Number's Game" - A man falls asleep while waiting in an office.

    He dreams that his life has turned into nothing but numbers. Comedy. 8 minutes

    • "Tea of Tradition" - A grandma shares the story of receiving the Holy Spirit

                                                                                                               in the early 1900's. Her grandmother from old England received it first, thus starting a family tradition passed down from generation to generation.

      Great for a woman's retreat. 20 minutes.


    "The Breaking Point" -  

    • "Strings Attached" - (monologue) A kite finds the string attached to it is confining. After a period of complaining and tugging real hard the kite breaks the string only to find out it needed the string after all. 7 minutes.
    • "Idiot Liar" - A look at the crazy things in a newspaper like politicians and other negative items. It has a family theme. Comedy  4-5 minutes

              "The Breaking Point" - A father takes his teenage kids on a youth canoe trip. They arrive late at night and accidentally set-up camp in a cow pasture where the cows find their back packs and eat all their cinnamon rolls. The kids find out how much Dad really loves them. This sketch has a family theme.  Serious Comedy. 12 minutes.  Cast of 4 2 Adults and 2 teens

    Download The Breaking Point $7.49

    • "Hard Hat Area" (Monodrama) - A construction worker explains what happens when the old building downtown is razed and a new one takes its place. This sketch relates the Biblical principle of the old man and the new man. 7 minutes.
    • "Famine in Their Land" - This sketch is a song interpretation about the pages of the Bible being smuggled into Russia. Great for foreign missions and the appreciation of the Word of God. 8 minutes.

          "Born Again" - A father takes his 4 year old son to the local McDonalds where they have quite a talk about this new baby sister that mommy just had. The son doesn't remember being born and wants to do it again. Cast of 2M,  Comedy. 8 minutes.

    Download Born Again 7.99

    Howi Tiller, playing little Jimmy in the sketch, "Born Again."

    • "Signs" - (A monologue about the user friendly church) A young girl has just moved to a college town and is attending the university there.  She gets a phone call from her father and mom as they are checking up on her.   It's only been one weekend and the father is already worried.  He doesn't want her meeting boys outside the church atmosphere and has some real legitimate concerns as all fathers would have about their daughter going off to school.  This sketch may help the local church re-look at issues that it takes for granted, but a visitor may have questions about, like lighted parking lots, adequate signs, singles ministry, etc. 


      Cast : 1 Female   Running time about 4 minutes

      $5.00 Download

      "Rocky" - A comical conversation with the beloved disciple, Peter. 7 minutes.

    • "The Revival Pill" - A wife is trying to convince her husband that the revival that they are having at their church is due to the vitamins that she's been selling to many of the church members. Comedy. 7 minutes.
    • "He Saw Me" - Another song interpretation using dowels rods. Great for anytime of the year, but can be improvised into Easter or Christmas as an accompaniment. 5 minutes.


    • Download Reader's Theater now $10.00 

      "R.T. Reader's Theatre and other short stories" - If you've ever wanted to try something entirely different now is your chance. Howi has taken an old method and brought it up to date. He calls it, "Reader's Theatre". This method helps bring the message of the story alive through dynamic reading and vocal expression.



                   An exciting new addition to this book

      • "The Thorns Have A Rose" - Reader's theater in rhyme.  A wonderful way to add something moving and emotional to your Easter program.  It is divided in to two sections.  The first section depicts the death of Judas and the second section depicts the death of Christ.  With the right readers, this script can bring the audience to the very foot of the cross.  2 Readers  6-7 minutes



        $6.89  Download




      "The Track of Time" - A son comes home late from his date. 

      His father is waiting up for him and asks for an explanation. The son apologizes and says, "he lost track of time." His father explains to him that he jeopardizes loosing other things in his life that are virtuous. Great for father and son retreat. Cast of 2M, 1Adult and 1 teen  6-7 minutes

               download above script $3.00

      • "Runner" - A runner waiting for his turn to carry the baton of truth is confronted by Satan. Satan tries to talk the runner into not waiting and carrying another baton. Perfect for youth service or retreat. 6 minutes
      • "Prayed Over, Pruned Around and Ed Shelby's Pig Farm" (monologue) - Imagine the story of Mary & Joseph and Elizabeth & Zechariah happening today in the deep south by southern lady. Wonderful women's retreat sketch. Comedy 6 minutes
      • "A Gut Feeling" - A "who dunnit", mystery. A man dies with a globe of the earth clutched tightly in his hands. Two detectives show up to solve the mystery. Great for youth service. Serious comedy. 8 minutes  Life comedy  Cast of 2
      • "The Miracle of Insignificance" (monologue) - Was there a greater miracle that took place at the wedding feast in Cana than water turned into wine? According to the governor of the feast in this sketch, maybe there was. 7 minutes  This is another signature sketch that Howi shares with you.

            Add to Cart Download the above signature script only $6.00

      • "The Doubting Thomas" (monodrama) - Imagine fishing all night with Thomas and a few other disciples and not catching a thing. Also, imagine seeing a man standing on the shore, asking you if you have any fish. When you say, "no", the man on the shore says, "cast your nets on the other side." It just might erase any doubts you had about the man on the shore. The time line of this sketch takes place after Jesus has resurrected from the grave.  Serious comedy. 7-8 minutes
      • "Jonah" - The story of Jonah and the whale told through Reader's Theater style. Made for 4 readers.  6 minutes

                        "Just Wing It" (monodrama) - The angel who answers the royal          telephone in heaven was in the middle of a conversation with the angel Michael when a woman from Rhema called asking for a loan. The angel is blown away when the loan she is asking for is a baby boy. It's the story of the birth of the prophet, Samuel in comedy.  9 minutes

    • 8.89  Download Just Wing It

        "Oh, For a Christmas" - A look at Christmas past through the eyes of someone who lived through the depression years. A Christmas poem to accompany or solo

      Download  Oh, For a Christmas $4.00

      "Who's More lovely Then a Child?" - A poem written for children appreciation. Great for Sunday School promotion.

      "The Angels Ought to Know" (monologue) - An angel asks why the human race has become so smart that they can determine what scriptures are for today and which ones are no longer important to believe or obey. Since angels will be used to separate the goats from the sheep, they ought to know the difference, shouldn't they?  Serious Comedy 9 minutes



    Download The Story Teller entire book now $10.00

    "The Story Teller" - A book of short sketches and stories, some of which are interactive and fun for every age. Designed to help you keep creative and sharpen your storytelling skills. Keep your audience on the edge of their seat while you teach them from the biblically inspired creations by Howi C. Tiller.

    • "Noah and Adam & Eve" Noah has finished the ark but two sheep named Adam and Eve keep running away and Noah is frantically searching for them. He calls them Adam and Eve because they keep eating things that they're not supposed to. Comedy. 7-8 minutes
    • "David and Goliath" - An interactive story that's perfect for getting younger ages involved with telling this popular Bible Story.


    $3.75 Download David and Goliath


    • "Josiah and the Lost Word of God" - Another interactive story about the Word of God.   This dramatic piece is wonderful for Sunday School and Bible story time. 5-6 minutes


       Download Josiah and the Word of God for $4.00

    • "The Seed" - A story about the special seed in parable form. This story is one of Howi's signature pieces. The story was written with the experienced story teller in mind. Serious comedy. 12 minutes


    • "Bonds of Love" - A song interpretation and dramatic piece working hand in hand. Great for the special dedication service or anytime. The theme is about being a bond servant to the Lord.


    • "The Cover-Up" - James says that a man who is a hearer of the word and not a doer is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass.  This very funny sketch works well in youth services and general church services.

    • "Oh, Wretched Man That I Am" - A monodrama about the struggle between the new man and the old man. Great for youth service or any time. The scriptural reference is Romans 7.  5 minutes

    • "Today, is Jesus Birfday" - A four year old child is excited about the fact that Christmas is coming and he gets presents.  He wishes Jesus live a long time and has a birfday every year.  Comedy to accompany or stand alone.  5 minutes


    Download the above script $3.00

       $8.75  Download "Laughter"    

    • "Jonah" - One of the most repeated stories of the Bible is Jonah and the whale. Howi adds just a little flavor to spice it up for young and old alike.  Challenging for the story teller in you.

    "Friends 101 Adventures in Advanced Smiling" - Friends 101 is in a class all its own.

    More A+ material for your next dinner drama, banquet, family seminar or sermon set-up.

    12 new electives that you don't even have to study for, because Howi's already given you the answers,

    all you have to do is show up for class. (Well, okay, you do have to learn the lines.) A good mix of sketches

    and monologues for different time of the season.

    5000 in 2000 AD

     (A fun modern rendition of the Biblical account)

    What would happen if the feeding of the five thousand took place in modern day and the disciples were teenagers?  Cell phones would be dialing Pizza Hut and McDonalds trying to meet the needs of 5000 hungry souls.  Comedy. 7 minutes

    Download 5000 in 2000 AD $5.75

    • Father and Daughter  "The Tip" - A young girl visits her father at his work where he is a waiter and gives him a tip.  A surprise ending makes this sketch one you'll want to do for Father's Day. 7 minutes


    • This Is The Day-Sometimes life would be better if we didn't see all the negative faces that people wear to work or everyday life.   It's interesting to see how one bad attitude can rub off on everyone in the room. But put a happy blind person in the middle and see what takes place, especially if the situation takes place on a crowded elevator where someone is very late to work.  Comedy situation with a message.


             Download the above script only $4.00


    • "Friends 101" - Professor Philio Moi (Nutty Professor wanna-be) is your lecturer today. He is here to make sure you pass Friends 101 and go into Adventures in Advanced Smiling. Originally written for the weekend before Friend Day as a commercial. Comedy. 7 minutes


              Download the above script only $4.69

    • "Simeon's Moment" - This monologue was inspired by the painting of the same name.  This signature piece takes us right to the moment where Simeon sees the baby Jesus when first brought into the temple by Joseph and Mary.  He was promised by the Holy Ghost that he would not die until he saw the salvation of the Lord.  A very touching moment that is perfect for Christmas or anytime. A moving sermon set-up     10-12 minutes with music


              $9.00 Download "Simeon's Moment   (Very powerful and moving)

    • "Leftovers" - A closer look at tithing and how we sometimes put other things before giving to God what's rightfully His to begin with. Serious Comedy. 8 minutes


              Mother and Daughter  "Perfume of Maturity" - A young girl gets into     her mother's special perfume without permission. Her mother explains to her why the perfume is so special. A good lesson learned about what's appropriate and expectations concerning early teenage girls.

    • $5.79  Download  Perfume of Maturity


    • "The Robot Church" - You have robot church when the church is cold and just going through the motions. Comedy


    "The Betrayal" - This is a perfect monologue for the Easter season.  It can stand alone or be an addition to a full program.  Caiaphas reflects back to the moment when he was visited by Judas and set up the moment when Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus.


    $6.89 Download


    • "Protocols of Praise" - Sergeant Truth prepares the troops for the entrance of the greatest General of all time.  This would be a powerful youth service opener.


    You can't just act any ole way when he walks in or there could be the devil to pay. Worshipful. We perform the monologue with the Integrity's Music "Battle Hymn of the Republic"  6 minutes to music


      $7.89 Download Protocol of Praise


    • "The Act" - The woman caught in the act of adultery reflects back to the day

                                                                                                                when she first met the Lord Jesus. The day she thought would be her last because her greatest. 8 minutes with track.  You can buy the music track for this monologue below.  It will download to your computer.  This is easily the most popular monologue on our site.  Very powerful and moving.







    The Act in English  

    Download now $7.89


              The Act in Spanish Add to Cart  Download now  $6.00 

              The Act Performance Track Download now $4.00

              The Act Rehearsal Track Download now $4.00

    • "Fear Not" - Mary, the mother of Jesus recounts the angelic visit to her cousin Elisabeth.

              Perfect for Christmas or anytime. This is a stand alone monologue   or can accompany a Christmas program 7-8 minutes  Feel free to add music for underscore.

      $7.50  Download "Fear Not"




      Download $7.00   Fear Not in Spanish


    For a book of monologues and single monologues, see the monologue page.


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