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New Featured Monologue

The Miracle of Nain

Howi takes a Biblical miracle of Jesus and ministers to the issue of single parenthood.  Remember the story in the Bible when Jesus stops a funeral procession?  A widow is burying her son and Jesus raises him up.  This is that story in monologue.  9-10 minutes

  $7.89 Download The Miracle of Nain

The Touch

(Jesus Did What No One Else Could) 

The gospels in the Bible record that Jesus healed the sick, the lame and that the lepers were made clean.  With poetic license, “The Touch” takes us into the life of a man who had become a leper.  Everything in his life was wonderful.  He was happily married and his children loved him very much.  One day in the evening he was washing his hands from being in the field, when a trace of blood appeared in the wash-basin.  He didn’t think too much of it at first.  After all it wasn’t anything new to cut your hand while working in the field.  But when the cut turned into a sore over the next few days, he knew it was something else…something very serious…leprosy.  He knew then that his life was going to change in a drastic way.  Being separated from his wife and children was what he had to look forward to…well, that is until Jesus happened to come into his life.  In a time when it was unlawful to touch a leper, Jesus’ touch changed everything.

 Cast:  Male

Running time:  10 minutes if you allow time for stage movement, musical underscore and emotional segues.


  Download, "The Touch", for $8.39 


You Just Need a Tree

(Changing the Altitude of Your Attitude)

Luke 19:1 

The story of Zacchaeus in the book of Luke is one that every child that’s been to Sunday has heard.  Zaachaeus is the man who was evidently a little too short to see Jesus because of the crowd, so he climbed a tree.  But this monologue is far more than just the story of one of our Sunday School favorites.  I’ve taken the physicality of Zacchaeus and translated it to have a spiritual application.  Zacchaeus only needed a tree and it changed everything.  Zacchaeus only needed to change his altitude or in this instance, the height of his faith.  When he did, salvation came to his house that day.  This monologue is a wonderful sermon compliment as a setup or follow-up to a pulpit message.  It can certainly stand alone as a powerful messenger of faith and teach others that all they need is to elevate their thinking and Jesus will meet you at your need.  I think you’ll really love the way the cross of Calvary is intertwined into the ending.

Cast: Zacchaeus  Running time: 10 minutes


$8.49  Download  "You Just Need a Tree"



Christian Monologues


Performing monologues is a great way to enhance any drama ministry.  Monologues can be used through-out the whole year and stand alone as a sermon set-up before the Pastor speaks, or be an accompaniment to the Easter or Christmas musical.


Monologues are also good for introducing drama to the local church that may not do very much drama.  The book, "Drama, the Visual Language", found on the Instruction page would be a great help for your actors to use as a resource.  Howi sells it for .01 because he wants you to have a chance to start with a firm foundation.


Someone asked me, "How many people are in a monologue?"  Sound silly?  Well, that's okay...but there's just one person in a monologue.  You'll want to download Howi's acting book called, Drama, The Visual Language.  Go to the instructional page to buy it for 1 penny.

Moi, Me, Uno, One

















































































   "Solo Flight" - A collection of 10 Christian monologues for a variety of reasons and seasons. Designed to enhance a worship service or compliment the full length seasonal musical or cantata. These monologues were written for the actor to explore the endless possibilities of characterization. Whether you are a seasoned actor or a novice these sketches will enhance any drama ministry.


$24.00 For all 10 Monologues listed below

Solo Flight 1 includes 1. The Betrayal , 2. Cholos, 3. My Elelator, Not Your Elelator, 4. Friends 101,      5. Simeon's Moment, 6. Protocol of Praise, 7. The Act, 8. Fear Not, 9. The Deliverer, 10. Are You My Son, Father? 

You'll notice many of these are also downloadable as a single.

  • "The Betrayal" - Caiaphas reflects back to the moment when he was visited by Judas and set up the moment when Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus.  Great for Easter or anytime.  9 minutes

Download The Betrayal script $6.89

  • "Cholos" - A crippled beggar reflects back to the night he was born. He remembers being told that he was born the night of the bright star.  Something miraculous happens while he is telling his story. Christmas or anytime. 12 minutes.


$6.00 Download Cholos

  • "My Elelator, Not Your Elelator" - A business man is late for an important meeting because he hit the snooze button too many times. A little girl who pushes all the buttons makes the elevator stop on almost every floor causing comedic tension. (Monodrama) Comedy about time management. 7 minutes.
  • "Friends 101" - Professor Philio Moi is your lecturer today. He is here to make sure you pass Friends 101 and move on into Adventures in Advanced Smiling. Originally written for the weekend before Friend Day. Comedy. 7 minutes.


$4.69 Download Friends 101

  • "Simeon's Moment" - This monologue takes us right to the moment where Simeon sees the baby Jesus when he was first brought into the temple. A very touching moment that is perfect for Christmas or anytime. 12 minutes with music.

  $9.00  Download Simeon's Moment

One of my favorite stories is that of Simeon at the temple. Our church started up a new worship format this weekend and they put me up first with Simeon's Moment. It was very well received and even the kids in the sanctuary were quiet.  I used a live baby and that came off without a hitch as well. The Lord does indeed bless! I just wanted to let you know that  the writing was superb and through your script, many were drawn into a closer worship time with the Lord this weekend.
I have scheduled us to do Fear Not next week for the second in our Advent series and am looking forward to that one.  Thanks again and keep them coming Howi !
 Ron Williams , WV
Graphic Artist

          "Protocol of Praise" - Sergeant Truth prepares the troops for the entrance of the greatest general of all time. You can't act just any old way when he walks in or there could be the devil to pay. A great sketch to start off a youth service.  Worshipful. 6 minutes.  We do the monologue with the music track from Integrity's "Battle Hymn" 


$7.89  Download Protocol of Praise

          "Fear Not" - Mary recounts the angelic visit to her cousin Elisabeth. A perfect sketch for Christmas or anytime. This piece is a strong stand alone monologue or can be a compliment to a larger production  This piece can also be performed in other woman's events or Mother's Day  7 minutes.

  $7.50  Download "Fear Not"



(Fear Not) No Temas

(Monologo para María La Madre de Jesús)
© Copyright 1998 Translated into Spanish 2009

El momento en el que el Ángel le aparece a María debe de ser uno de los momentos más grandes en toda historia. ¿Qué estaría sintiendo María? ¿Cómo respondería a las palabras tan extrañas para ella? Este drama cubre el momento en que ella se encuentra con Elizabeth después de la aparición del Ángel y le cuenta a Elizabeth lo que sucedió. Talvez fue algo como esto. Este drama será un gran reto para la mujer que interprete este papel. Practique para que sea creíble y que la actuación le de vida a María. Transfondo musical es opcional. Tenga en mente que este monologo podría también ser parte de una gran producción.

 Apariencia: María- últimos años de adolescencia

 Escenario: María contándole a  su prima Elizabeth los momentos en los cuales el Ángel le anuncia que va a ser la madre del Salvador

Duración:7-8 minutos

$7.00 Download in Spanish


$10.00 DVD of Howi blocking-out the monologue, "Fear Not" step by step for you  

  • "The Act" - The woman caught in the act of adultery reflects back to the day when she first met the Lord Jesus. The day she thought would be her last, became her greatest. 8 minutes.


Download     "The Act" $7.89


$10.00 DVD of the author Blocking out "The Act" for you step by step

  • We have created a custom music and sound trac for this monologue.  The trac adds a new dynamic that the actor can play off of to make the message even more effective.  It has a rehearsal trac and a performance trac.
The Act Demo  Track Order now $4.00

The Act Performance Track Order now $4.00

Dear Howi,


Thank you for the material - it was indeed a great blessing! I used the monologue called THE ACT, adapted it slightly and translated it into Afrikaans, my mother tongue. Our congregation consists of a lot of people that come from broken relationships. This piece was used as part of a sermon about morality and was a real blessing in terms of bringing healing amongst this particular audience.


Thanks again for the material - may our heavenly Father use you and continue blessing your work!


Regards in Jesus!

Cornelle Carstens

MOSSEL BAY AFM, Western Cape Province, South Africa

Creative Ministry

         •  "The Deliverer" - Moses' mother has just sent Miriam to take Moses to the bulrushes. The anxiety is almost too great to bear. Great for Mother's Day, Ladies Retreat or anytime. 10 minutes

$6.50 Download The Deliverer


  • "Are You My Son, Father?" - Joseph holds the baby Jesus for the very first time.  Mary is resting from the long journey and someone needs to hold the baby.  This thoughtful and humorous look at what Joseph might have been thinking is great for all year round or perfect for Christmas.  8 minutes  The song, "Strange Way to Save the World", works very well with this monologue.


$7.39 Download "Are You My Son, Father?"


            Here are more monologues in Solo Flight 2 for other times of the year.

New! For 2012

Solo Flight 2

We've combined 10 more new monologues in Solo Flight 2.  The second set of 10 monologues listed below make up Solo Flight 2 series.  Save money and purchase all 10 as a package.

Again, they are also available as a single if you prefer.


$24.00 for entire series listed on the right!


Half Formed, But Whole Hearted

(The Importance of Sincerity)

Mark chapter 9 verses 14-27 records a wonderful miracle of a young man being delivered from an evil spirit by the Lord Jesus.  This monologue takes us on that emotional journey that the father of the young man experienced.  This father carried a huge burden on his shoulders.  His son was different than the others.  This father was walking down the road that no other father was walking.  Who could relate to this father?  What answers were there?  How long could this father endure with this weight of anguish as he watched an evil spirit try to destroy his son in the fire and in the water.  This is a very emotional script, but one that will relate to your audience’s conscience and soul.  It is a story of triumph despite a generation of faithlessness.  It is triumph because it calls is to be honest with who we are and sincere with what we still need and that’s…Jesus.

Cast:  M  (However, I think the piece can still be done with a female character about her daughter just as easy.  It doesn’t change the message of the story.  Just let your audience know that you’re doing that.) 

Biblical costume

Special effects:  The right music would enhance the overall effect

Running time:  8-9 minutes (Depending on ebb and flow and music)

$7.59 Download Half Formed But Whole Hearted

When The Hardest Thing to Do Is the Right Thing to Do Uriah/Monologue.  Uriah, an honorable Israelite soldier became the victim of David's moment of weakness as he sinned with Uriah's wife.  This moving emotional monologue demonstrates the commitment Uriah displayed when faced with the hardest thing to do, yet doing the right thing.  8-9 minutes

$7.89 Download

  • We have created a custom Studio Quality Music Trac for this monologue.  It includes an audio backdrop so the audience has a historical understanding of who Uriah was.  Music underscore appears throughout the monologue to enhance a moving atmosphere for the actor to play off of.  The ending is a very thought provoking and emotional experience.

$8.00 The Hardest Thing to Do sound track

$8.00 This track includes a historical introduction so that your audience can learn who Uriah was before the actor performs the piece.

We receive a notification that you have purchased the track.  We then send the track to you via the internet.  You will need to make sure that you can receive the CD through high speed internet

Someday, Came Today  $7.50 One of the most powerful sermon set-ups or sermon follow-ups.  This monologue is about the thief at the cross who reached out to Jesus.  We can hypothesize about his past, but what a miraculous day for someone who didn’t deserve it.  Christ’s love is wonderfully shown in this event at Calvary.  Even though the event is historical, Howi brings a modern application through the breaking down of just the one line that Jesus said to the thief.  Today, you will be with me in Paradise.  Never will those words have a fuller and more relative meaning then when they come alive through this monologue.

$10.00 A DVD of the author blocking out "Someday, Came Today" step by step


The Perfect Lamb   $7.89 Download

 Another powerful sermon set-up or follow-up.  We know that Abraham took Isaac to sacrifice on the mountain of Mariah.  God supplied the sacrifice.  What we don’t know is, ‘where did that ram or sheep come from?’  Was it a wandering sheep from a nearby herd?  Howi uses a little poetic license to tell the story of the perfect lamb that God supplied to Abraham for the sacrifice.  There are many parallels to Christ and Calvary woven through the script.  This monologue can be performed at any time of the year.


$10.00 DVD of the author blocking out "The Perfect Lamb" step by step


All 5 DVDs of Howi blocking out "Fear Not", "The Act", "The Precious Lamb", "The Betrayal", "Someday, Came Today".    $30.00


Return to Give Him Thanks  $4.69
  (The leper who returned to give thanks)     Luke 17 records the story of the ten lepers that Jesus healed.  All ten men were healed, but only one came back to thank the Lord for his healing.  Howi uses the scriptural events and poetic license to show us a moving story of the Samaritan leper who was healed by Jesus and came back to thank him.



(A Thankfullness themed monologue for any time of the year.)


Cast: Male

Running time: 6-8 minutes depending on interpretation of actor


Obvious $7.50  (Monologue)  There are  many monologues about Calvary, but most are from Mary's or Caiaphas' point of view.  This one is from the perspective of the man who begged for the body of the Lord, Joseph of Arimethea.  The identity of the character isn't revealed to your audience until the last line.  Your audience is not only learning more Bible, but also causes the audience to see Calvary in a new way.    Powerful stand alone monologue or to compliment a larger production. 6-7 minutes

The Bethlehem of My Heart

(Removing the Herods in Our Life)


This monologue is more than just the retelling of the traditional Christmas story.  It goes further and invites the audience to listen, but to also sit up and re-listen.  It makes the audience think.  Yes, to appreciate the fact that God came, Emmanuel, God with us, is the essence of why we celebrate, but to also think about how he came despite what else was happening in the earth…despite who was sitting on any earthly throne.  “The Bethlehem of My Heart”, opens the possibility for your audience to ask the question of themselves, “Who sits on the throne of my heart?”  Everyone needs a Bethlehem of the heart.

This is a moving and thought provoking moment for your audience.  It can be a stand alone moment or a contribution to the evening of celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

Cast: 1 M  Joseph    Running time about 7 minutes

The Bethlehem of My Heart






Laughter - (Monologue)  This comical look at one of the greatest events of the Bible fits well in a woman's retreat or conference.  Sarah over hears the conversation that her husband, Abram is having with the three visitors from heaven.  A wonderfully interesting script with room for comedy and drama without compromising any of the Biblical text.  Better suited for an all female crowd.  7 minutes

$8.75 Download "Laughter"




Six - What was the woman at the well thinking or doing before she went to the well?  This monologue is the last five minutes before she left to go the well.  Little does she know that she will meet Jesus there.   Obviously her life wasn’t one to be jealous of.  She had been married six times before and the man she was living with wasn’t her husband.  The script paints a very vivid picture of oppression.  With poetic license, Howi weaves another moving and enlightening monologue that needs to be seen and heard. 

Cast: 1F     Serious drama  8 minutes with the right music


Download for $7.99   Great sermon set-up

On My Cross - This monologue is from the carpenter's point of view who made the cross that Jesus was crucified on.  A wonderful and thought provoking monologue that fits well for Easter and as a sermon set-up.


$6.49 to download the script

Brand New for 2012 - Not part of the Solo Flight Books

The Twinkling

His Magnificent Smallness


Psalm 147:3-4 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. 

The Twinkling”,  is a monologue that will inspire the audience to grow past conventional thinking.  It will remind the believer that God does not work according to our calendar and his timing is always right.  The seeker finds refuge in this script as it proclaims to them that even though our magnificent God spoke the stars into existence and calls them all by name, that God is still small enough to be magnificent in his healing of the broken and wounded in heart.   The Twinkling is a wonderful sermon set-up.

Cast:  M/F  Can be biblical or modern day Running time:  7 minutes

$7.89 to Download "The Twinkling"

"Just Wing It" (monodrama) - The angel who answers the royal telephone in heaven was in the middle of a conversation with the angel Michael when a woman from Rhema called asking for a loan. The angel is blown away when the loan she is asking for is a baby boy. It's the story of the birth of the prophet, Samuel in comedy.  9 minutes  This is one of Howi's signature monologues.

$8.89 Download Just Wing It

The Emmaus Disciple

(Cleopas, a Witness of Pentecost Monologue) 

The day of Pentecost was the birth of the church in Jerusalem.  Peter stood up that day and preached the first message that thrust the church into existence.    I have taken one of the disciples from the book of Luke chapter 24 verse 18, called Cleopas, that the Bible records was on his way to Emmaus with another disciple after Jesus’ resurrection.  On their way Jesus appeared to them, but they did not recognize him.  They talked with him as they walked and when they arrived to their home in Emmaus, the men asked Jesus to eat with them.  As Jesus began to break bread, their eyes were opened and knew that it was him.  I have taken a little poetic license to have Cleopas also on the hillside when Jesus ascended away into the heavens and there in the upper room on the day of Pentecost.  This monologue is a good mix of history and natural revealing of what the Bible says happened on that day.  Historically, according to the book of Acts, the Old Testament celebration of the feast of Pentecost was going on in Jerusalem.  Because of this thousands of people were there from other countries and regions.   Cast:  1 M  Running time about 7 minutes  

$7.79 Download The Emmaus Disciple

My Dad’s Shoulders

(Learning to Trust So We May Soar in the Heavenlies) 

There are so many wonderful memories that I have of my father that I wanted to share one that maybe you can perform for Father’s Day.  No doubt there are many others that have had the experience of being on their dad’s shoulders.  So, I’ve described mine through the medium of a monologue.  Now I look back on those wonderful days and understand better that many of those experiences were about trust, love and discovery.  Often times, trust is the door to the day of discovery and the foundation of love and appreciation.  This monologue describes the steps of trust a child learns by being on their dad’s.  Not just being on their dad’s shoulders but standing on his shoulders.  Not just standing on their dad’s shoulders, but standing on their dad’s shoulders while the dad trots around the yard.

Cast:  M/F   Monologue

Can add musical underscore

6 minutes with correct feeling.


  $6.89 Download My Father's Shoulders



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