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Any 10 DVDs from our site for $29.00 for a limited time. 

All DVDs qualify whether they are full length plays or CODEs or "How To" DVDs, etc.


  Buy any 10 DVDs $29.00 plus 5.00 shipping then send us a list of which DVDs you chose at




On This Page:

Over 21 C.O.D.E. DVDs

Noodle Puppets want to learn a sign song step by step?

Go to the instruction page for "Step by Step" DVDs

Scroll down this page to see video samples of CODE Conference Workshops on youtube.

Most of the songs that you will see on the CODE DVDs are performed by clinicians or clinicians and students or by students who have come up with their own ideas and performed by them alone.  Some of the songs have been learned in one class session.

Newest CODE DVDs

CODE Texas 2014 Interpretive Sign, Mime and Monologue

1. Worship Him - Interpretive Sign CODE Students

2. Arise My Love - Dowel Rod - Terry Vik

3. Every Praise - Jasa Eaves and CODE Students Sign - By Hezekiah Walker

4. Curiosity - Mime - Terry Vik

5. The Perfect Lamb - Monologue - Howi Tiller

6. Set A Fire - Sign

7. Puppets - My God by Go Fish

8.The Anchor Holds - Song Interpretation - Terry Vik

9. That's Why They Call it Grace - Solo Sign by 13 year old

10. I Won't Go Back - CODE Students Sign

11. Yet in the Darkness - Sign  CODE Student

12 Break Every Chain - Sign

13. Rescue -  CODE Students - Sign


Buy CODE Texas 2014 DVD for $13.00

CODE Indy 2012 Interpretive Sign Blast, Plus

1. Awesome-Interpretive Sign (Recorded by T. Clark)

2. Anthem of Praise-

3. Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise the Lord-Interpretive Sign

4. Elijah's Chariot-Easter/Sermon Setup Monologue

5. Breathe On Me-Interpretive Sign (Natalie Grant)

6. How Great Thou Art-Interpretive Sign  (Recorded by Brooklyn Tabernacle)

7. Presence of the Lord is Here-Interpretive Sign (Recorded by Byron Cage)

8. You Are Worthy-IBC Choir

9. The Bible-Comedy Monologue / Sermon Setup

10. You Were There-Interpretive Sign  (Recorded by Avalon)

11. The Masks-Comedy Monologue / Sermon Setup

12. I Need You-Interpretive Sign

13. Show Me Your Glory-Sign, dowel rod mix  (Recorded by Jesus Culture)

14. Victory-Interpretive Sign

15. Baptize Me Jesus-Interpretive Sign   (Jackson College of Ministries)


$17.00 CODE Indy 2012 Sign Blast, Plus


CODE Ohio 2011  Thursday Evening     Students and Clinicians

1. Again, I Say Rejoice by Israel and New Breed - Group Sign/ Interpretive sign

2. I know What You Mean - Poem by CODE Student

3. Not Guilty by Mandisa - Solo Sign language performed by 13 year old Jasa Rodgers (It's an awesome example showing how young people can be used in an anointed way)

4. Lord, You're Holy by Karen Wheaton - Grace Point Sign Team

5. Arise My Love by New Song - Clinicians team (Dowel rod)

6. Are You My Son Father?

7. Jesus What a Savior by Christ For the Nations - Wonderful moving sign song/Very worshipful song.  This song really invited the presence of the Lord into the house.

8. The Conversation by The Paynes (Southern Gospel) - Grace Point Drama Team Song Interpretation that could work for Easter or anytime.


$15.50 CODE Ohio Thursday Evening

CODE Ohio 2011 Friday Evening

1. War - Sketch/Media by Grace Point Drama Team

2. When She Touched Him by Upper Room Experience - Hands of Praise (Sign Language)

3. Restore -  Song Interpretation - Student class performance

4. Take This City - Dowel Rod/Sign Language mix - Student class performance

5. Isaiah 40 Excerpt by Terry Vik

6. I Surrender All by Michael English - Hands of Praise

7. Always Forever by Phil Wickham - Solo Sign

8. My Son and My God - Drama Excerpt by Grace Point Drama Team

9. I Give Myself Away by William McDowell - Student Sign Language (A very worshipful and inspirational song.)

$15.50 CODE Ohio Friday Evening


$23.50 For both Thursday and Friday Evening


CODE Louisiana Part 1 DVD Blast 2010

1.Curiosity – Tery Vik (Mime)

2.Just Wing It – Howi Tiller (Comedy Monologue)

3.Holy Thou Art God – Sign

4.Watch the Lamb – Terry Vik (Mime)

5.Broken, But I’m Healed –  Empty Vessels (White Face Mime)

6.Jonah’s Detour – Terry Vik (Interactive Story with Audience)

7.Anchor Holds – Terry Vik  (Mime)

8.Believe – Speechless  (Sign)

9.Matthew 28 – Land Mark Drama Team  (White Face Mime and Song Interpretation)  This presentation is incredible.  It's out of the box because Jesus is out of the tomb!  Wait til' your youth see this one.

10. Set Me Free – Empty Vessels  (Song Interpretation)  This one is awesome.  Talk about your altar call piece.  This song makes you want to go to battle for our youth!

 $17.00 CODE Louisiana 2010 Part 1



Matthew 28 performed at CODE Louisiana 2010


CODE Louisiana Part 2 DVD Blast 2010

1.Make Me Over – Empty Vessels 9 (White Face Mime)  This song can be used all year round.  This would be a fantastic sermon set-up

2.The Lamb – Sign Solo   Great for Easter or any time of the year

3.Set the Atmosphere – Empty Vessels  (Interpretive Sign)   What a great opener for a worship service.

4.Expectations – Interpretive Sign

5.This Blood – Terry Vik  (Mime)

6.Fresh Wind – Speechless  (Sign)

7.Make Me in Your Image – Terry Vik   (Mime)   Anointed sermon set-up or anytime of the year

8.Victory – Empty Vessels  High energy Sign

9.Small Enough – Terry Vik

10.Everything – Centerville Drama Team (Song Interpretation)

 $16.00 CODE Louisiana 2010 Part 2


$26.00 for both CODE Louisiana 2010 Part 1 and 2



CODE Indiana 2010 Thursday Evening 

CODE Indiana 2010 Thursday Night   

1. God Bless the USA – Stick With Him Ministry – Lee Greenwood

      Patriotic Song/Dowel Rod

2. Freedom – Julie Osborn and CODE Students - By Eddie James

     This popular song is inspirational with sign language

3. Come Home – Hands of Praise – Indiana Bible College

     Very worshipful

4. Forever – Hands of Praise – Indiana Bible College

     Very worshipful

5. Power – Christians on a Mission

        A faster and powerful sign song

6. Not Guilty – Julie Osborn – By Mandisa

        Moving and stirring

7. Out of No Where – Story – Howi Tiller

8. Jesus Said It – Hands of Praise – Indiana Bible College

This song is incredibly powerful and perfect to open

a church service with

9. The Affair - Student Created Sketch

        10. The More I Seek You - Joshua Roman


Jesus Said It by Hands of Praise at CODE Indiana 2010 Workshop

$ 16.00 Ohio Thursday DVD will be shipped to you.


CODE Indiana 2010 Friday Night

1. Intro of Jesus Christ – Chad Romine – By Steve Harvey

                This is intro is signed

2. Say So – Sign / CODE Students Music by Israel Houghton

                Vibrant Sign Song

3. Broken – Sign / Julie Osborn and Signing for the Divine – By Indiana Bible    

          College Very worshipful

4. Interactive Story – Terry Vik

5. Holy Thou Art God – Sign / Christ in Action – By Indiana Bible College

                 Powerful and Moving

6. Still Her Little Child – Stick With Him Ministry – By Ray Boltz

                 Touching Dowel Rod

7. This Is How it Feels to Be Free – Dawn Barnes – By Philips, Craig and Dean

                 Solo Sign

8. He Knows – Sign / Moriah Apostolic Church – By Indiana Bible College

         What an awesome sign song.  This is one of the most worshipful songs we’ve    

         heard in a long time.

9. Interactive Story – Terry Vik

10. Forever – Sign / Hands of Praise – By Indiana Bible College

                  Powerful and worshipful

11. When I Speak Your Name – Sign / Julie Osborn and CODE Students

                  Another deep and moving song that invites people to the altar




DVD $17.00  CODE Indiana Friday 2010

DVD $26.00 Both CODE Indiana Thursday and Friday 2010



Right Place at the Right Time from CODE West 2009 DVD


What a Man Really Wants...or Whatever from the CODE West 2010 DVD


Motions from the CODE West 2010 DVD

CODE West 2010

"The Motions DVD"

A mix of Sign, Song Interpretation, Mime, Reader's Theater


CODE West 2010

1. The Clap - Nathan Roberts

2. This is How it Feels to be Free - Dowel Rod - Nathan Roberts and CODE Students

3. Break Through - Sign Language - Lisa Davis and Students

4. What a Man Really Wants...or Whatever - Reader's Theater by Howi Tiller

5. If the Stone Could Speak - Monologue by CODE Student

6. The Blues - Magic With a Message - Nathan Roberts

7.Curiosity - Mime - Terry Vik

8. The Bitter Business Bureau - Comedy Sketch  (Great for teens)

9. Motions (Going Through The) - Song Interpretation by teens. Your teens will love doing this piece at your next youth service or camp

10. Not Guilty - Solo Sign - Lisa Davis - as recorded by Mandisa

11. Tears if the Saints - Song Interpretation/Sign Mix  Teens will love this one and what a great altar call piece.

12. The Invitation - Magic With a Message - Nathan Roberts


CODE West 2010 DVD DVD $16.00

CODE Louisiana 2 DVD Set

A mix of 21 drama pieces

CODE Louisiana 2008 Thursday Evening

1. Hosanna – Kirk Franklin - Flags and sign language

2. Deep, Way Down Deep – Sign language

3. Going to Church – Mime / Randy Mocaby

4. Take the Shackles Off My Feet – Interpretive Sign

5. Praise You in This Storm – Black light sign language

6. You’re Worthy of My Praise – Children Sign Choir

7. We Are the Reason - Black light Sign language

8. God’s Not Dead, He’s Alive – Children interactive song

9. Who Am I? – Black light Sign

10. His Was Holy, He Was Righteous – Dowel rod / song interpretation

11. Power in the Name – Sign language for 3 people

12. Let the Veil Down – Sign




CODE Louisiana 2008 Thursday Evening DVD DVD $17.00

CODE Louisiana Friday Evening 2008


1. I’m a Living Stone – Black light blocks and Noodle people

2. Pence the Possum – Nate Roberts

3. We Speak to Nations – Sign / Media / Flags Mix (Great for Foreign Missions)

4. I Want It All Back – Song Interpretation / Sign Like you’ve never seen before.

5. I Am Free – Sign language

6. It Was All About Man – Dowel rod and song interpretation

7. In Your Holy Presence -  Dowel rod / Sign Mix

8. I Came to Worship – Interpretive Sign language

9. Victory – Sign language for 4 people



We Speak To Nation Video



CODE Friday Louisiana 2008 DVD $15.00

Both Thursday and Friday CODE Louisiana 2008 DVDsDVD $27.00 

All 4 2008 CODE DVDs DVD $42.00
Order all 4 and save $15.00

If buy all 4 DVD you receive 44 drama pieces from 2008's CODE Workshops and conferences. 

CODE Louisiana Thursday Evening 2008

CODE Louisiana Friday Evening 2008

CODE West Sign Blast 2008

CODE Indiana Workshop 2008


CODE Indiana

Workshop 2008

A good mix of 12 songs for sign language (Some are black light),

Rap, and Monologue


Here are the titles on this DVD:

1. Forgive Me - Kirk Franklin - Sign language Rap - Strong teen audience purpose

2. Someday Came Today -  Monologue (This is a very moving monologue about the thief on the Cross.  Great sermon set-up)

3. Let Us Worship - Lisa Davis - Sign

4. My Redeemer Lives - Sign/Dowel Rod in Black light

5. You Are Holy Lord - Lisa Davis - Sign

6. Ain't No Grave - Sign

7. I Will Not Be Moved - Sign

8. Rescue - Black light sign - Student

9. Raise The Roof - Dowel Rod High energy - Student

10. Alabaster Box - Sign by Whitney (Age 13) - Student

11. Hammer - Song Interpretation of Ray Boltz's Song

12. Here I Go Again - Sign/Song Interpretation - Great song for a

teen to do for a teen audience



CODE Indiana Drama Workshop 2008 DVD $17.00


CODE Indiana Workshop

and Student Revue 2009

1. Power In the Name - Sign By: Gateway College of Evangelism

2. You Reign - Interpretive Sign  By Mercy Me

3. I Believe - Interpretive Sign On the CD Everybody Worship

4. Press On - Black light sign/dowel rod (911 theme) By Selah

5. Pence the Possum - Ventriloquism By Nate Roberts Jr. (14 yrs)

6. I Need You - Interpretive Sign By Tye Tribbett

7. The Big Jesus - Illusion By Nathan Roberts

8. Praise Medley - Interpretive Sign By Indiana Bible College

Very worshipful / Strong

9. Break Through - Sign By Frontline Worship

10. My Offering - Sign By Third Day

11. Mercy Seat - Solo Sign  By Vicki Yohe

12. Praise You in This Storm - Solo Sign By Maisie (10 yrs)

 CODE Indiana 2009 DVD  DVD $16.00 

Both CODE Indiana 2008 and 2009 DVD  DVD $26.00 


CODE West 2009

A Great Mix and a Little Clowning Around



1. Right Time, Right Place - By Kurt Carr, Sign Language by

Signs and Wonders from Hanford, CA

2. One More Round - By Barlow Girl, Teen Song Interpretation

Great for youth service


One More Round Video clip

3. All Good Things Come From Above - Terry Vik,

Clowning with a message

4. Stand Out - By Tye Tribbett, High energy sign language song by

Sign Team from Las Vegas

5. What's That In Your Hand? - Brent Reagnart,

Wild and Crazy Story Teller

6. Let the Praise Begin - By Fred Hammond Student Sign language,

(not black light)


Let the Praise Begin video clip

7. Just One Touch - Moving monologue about the leper healed by Jesus

 by Gaylen Cantrell

8. Something Happens - By Kurt Carr

This song is so anointed that many times the signers can't even get through the whole song.  You have to do this song for a Sunday night's incredible!

CODE West 2009 DVD  DVD $16.00 

Both CODE West 2008 and 2009 DVDs  DVD $26.00 


Here is a short clip of the song, "Something Happens" from the CODE West 2009 DVD


CODE West 2008

Workshop and

Sign Language Blast


11 New sign language songs

performed by the Group,

"Signs and Wonders, Lisa Davis and CODE Students.



Here are the titles on this DVD:


1. Hallelu Anyhow - High energy, IBC great service opener

2. There Is A God - Powerful, crescendo - IBC

3. Why Not Trust God Again - Moving, worshipful - Kurt Carr

4. My Offering - Moving, worshipful, - Nicole Nordeman

5. Let the Praise Begin - High energy - Fred Hammond, great opener

performed in black light

6. Resurrection - Moving, inspirational - Natalie Grant

7. Let the Veil Down - Very worshipful - Judy Jacobs

8. I Will Not Be Moved - Natalie Grant

9. You Are Holy Lord - Worship

10. I Came to Worship - Lisa Davis and Students

11. Say So - Fun, quickly becoming everyone's favorite - Israel Houghton

Your youth are going to love this one a lot

CODE West Workshop and Sign Language Blast DVD

  DVD $18.00

CODE Indiana 07

Drama Workshop


Plays in Windows Media Only!  Most PCs come with this program already.


1. Who Am I? - (Dowel Rod) 2. Files of Truth - (Student Monologue)

3. Let the Veil Down - (Sign Language) This song is very anointed and the presentation will bring a very beautiful presence of the Lord that will lead your audience into worship

  4. You Were There (Song Interpretation by students)

5. Stand - (Student Dowel Rod)  6. Lose My Soul - (Song Interpretation for teens)

7. Class Improvisation  8. Revelation Song - (Sign Language by students)

9. How Great Thou Art - (Sign Language students and Lisa Davis)

10. Let the Worshippers Arise - (Black Light by students)

11. I Want It All Back - (Sign Language by Lisa Davis and students) This is quickly becoming everyone's favorite song.  It has a great message and encourages youth to get involved.


CODE Indiana Drama Workshop 07  DVD $17.00 


2 CODE Louisiana 2006 DVDs

Two more DVDs with an excellent mix of sign language, dowel rod, monologues, puppets and more performed by CODE clinicians and students.

Scroll down to see all four CODE Louisiana DVDs.  Buy all four at a discounted price of 42.00.

Thursday Evening DVD features:

1. Potter's Hand - Sign Language

2. Everything To Me - Dowel Rod

3. The Rx - Sketch

4. Through The Fire - Dowel Rod

5. Amazed - Sign

6. Mary at the Cross - Dialogue

7. Mary Did You Know? - Monologue and Song Interpretation

8. God's Plan - Sign

9. Shake The Foundation With Praise - Dowel Rod ** (Real fun)

10. King - Sign Language

11. When The Hardest Thing to Do Is The Right Thing to Do -

Signature Monologue by Howi Tiller


CODE Louisiana Thursday Evening 06  DVD $17.00 


Friday Evening DVD was focused toward children and it features:

1. Magnify - Puppetry

2. Pence, The Possum - Ventriloquism performed by a (13 yr. old)

3. Victory - Black light Puppetry

4. I Don't Know What You Came to Do - Black light Puppetry

5. Lamb of God - Kids Sign Choir

6. Victory - Signed by Haley Albritton (8 yrs. old)

7. Ragman - Monologue by Terry Vik

8.  - Cry Holy - Duet Sign Language

9. Praise You In This Storm - Sign/Dowel Rod

10. Lisa Davis - Testimony about mother

11. Hold On - Sign by Lisa Davis


CODE Louisiana Friday 06  DVD $17.00 



Both Thursday & Friday Louisiana CODE 06 DVDs DVD $26.00 


All Four CODE Louisiana DVDs 2005 and 2006  DVD $42.00 

Please scroll down to read about CODE Louisiana 2005 DVDs




An incredible mix of Sign Language, Monologues, Dowel Rods, Gospel Stomp, Reader's Theater, Award Winning Black Light Puppets and more!  Great material for the upcoming 2006 year on 2 DVDs.  Performed by students.


Thursday Evening DVD CODE Louisiana 2005

$15.00 For CODE Louisiana Thursday Evening 2005



There Is A God - Sign Language

Higher Than The Moon - Puppet Song

Jesus Lifted High - Black Light Puppet Song

Watch The Lamb - Mime (Terry Vik)

Awesome Wonder - Sign Language (Ruth Dempsey)

The Act - Monologue for Easter

Now Behold the Lamb - Sign Language (Students)

One Nation Under God - Dowel rods (911 or Patriotic - Tiller)



Friday Evening DVD CODE Louisiana 2005


This CODE DVD Features:

More Than a Survivor - Black Light Puppets


Here I Am To Worship - Black Light Puppets

He Is My King - Media

The Presence of the Lord is Here - Noodles (Black Light Puppets)

Lord, You're Holy - Sign Language  (Casey Whatley)


The Thorns Have A Rose - Reader's Theater in Rhyme (Easter - Tiller)

Just One Moment - Sign Language (Students)

Jonah's Detour - Interactive Story (Terry Vik)

The Passion - A Gospel Stomp

Because of Who You Are - Sign Language (Students)

From A Sincere Heart - Dowel Rods (Terry Vik)

Magnify - Sign Language (Students)

The Seven Sons of Jesse - Sketch



$15.00 CODE Louisiana Friday 2005

Both Louisiana CODE 05 Thursday and Friday $25.00

All 4 Louisiana CODEs 2005 and 2006  $42.00


Sign Language DVD (130 Religious Signs)

There is such a huge interest in sign language interpretation for demonstrating songs, that we've developed a DVD of 130 religious signs.  Lisa Davis, our Sign Language Clinician has performed 130 religious signs for you to learn from.  Interpretive signing movement isn't always pure ASL or official sign language, but that doesn't mean it can't be used to communicate the gospel message effectively.  Lisa shows you many signs that will help you work through some of those problem areas as well as the common signs used for many songs.

                                                           DVD $15.00




Morgan Tiller

Original musical underscore to enhance dramatic performances.  If you are looking for emotional music to match those tender drama moments, then Morgan has 9 wonderfully moving pieces that will 

help to enhance many situations.


         1. Diamante   2. A Night In Rome   3. The Whispers of Egypt   4. Consumed By       The Deepest Blue   5. Finally   6. Morning Shall Come   7. The View From Here             8. In The Shadows   9. A Brighter Day


          Morgan Tiller  $10.00 










Puppets - Love Is

 Dowel rod - This Is How It Feels To Be Free

Monologue - Renovator

Sign - I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy

Mime/Song Interpretation - Make Me In Your Image

Sketch - Tea of Tradition

Student Sign Language - I Will Sing Unto The Lord

Song Interpretation - Alabaster Box

Illusion - The Invitation

Song Interpretation/Mime - What Sin?

Story - Letting Go

Sign Language - King Jesus

Student Dowel Rod - Let The Worshippers Arise


CODE Florida  $15.00 





The Noodles performing, "The Presense of the Lord is Here" at CODE Louisiana 05

Drama Workshop.


Noodle Puppets

Noodles are now available. 


  $42.00 plus $6.00 shipping


Each noodle is hand made and adjustable to fit different sizes.  They attach to the actor's body at the knees, elbows, ankles, wrists, waist and neck.




Terry Vik and Students performing a dowel rod song, "From a Sincere Heart" by

Christian recording artist Mark Condon



$19.00 Over night shipping and handling

$6.50 Priority Shipping and Handling

$6.50  Priority Shipping

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