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Husband and Wife - Comedy Sketches

The Husband and Wife

Signature Series Collection 1


Wife Tested and Husband Approved Comedy!!

Howi has compiled 10 of his Husband and Wife comedy sketches all into one download for your convenience.

1.All I Said Was, 2. Candle Light Dinner 4 Two, 3. Change, 4. Duh!, 5. In Your Ear, 6. Shower Power, 7. The Revival Pill, 8. Weighty Situation,          9. Where Was Adam In All This? and 10. You Should Have Planned Ahead.  Tried and experienced sketches ready for your next Dinner Drama, Banquet or Marriage Retreat.   These sketches are included in the Howi Tiller Sketch Book 2008

 $23.95 Download the entire Husband and Wife Signature Series Collection 1.



Announcing a new Collection of Family and Husband and Wife Series! A compilation of 14 sketches in one book for only 34.95.  This price saves you money.

The 2012 Family and Husband&Wife Series 1. A Follower Enough to Build and Ark, 2. Mom, Dad's Seeing Things Again, 3. She Trusts Me, 4. Textifying, 5. The Grave Yard Shift, 6. The Set Up, 7. Will You Love Me When You're Smart?, 8. Emergency Fun, 9. The Life Lines, 10. Whose Lunch is it Anyway?, 11. The Balcony of Terror, 12. Turned Away, 13. What a Woman Really Wants...or Else, 14. What a Man Really Wants...or whatever


Download The 2012 Family and Husband&Wife Series for only $34.95



Single Husband &Wife Sketches Are Listed Below.  Want a sample of any sketch?  Just ask us at

New 2012 

Selective Hearing

(And the Case of the Mistaken Conversation) 

This is another husband and wife comedy sketch to add to the never-ending sagas that seem to show up in every marriage.  Sometimes my wife says that I don’t listen when she speaks.  Well, it is true men can become so engrossed in what they are doing that they can unknowingly zone themselves out of things happening around them.  In, “Selective Hearing”, that situation is communicated in a very comical way, but then adding a two way conversation that’s being mistaken as a one way conversation, adds a whole other layer to the comedy. 

This sketch would be perfect for a marriage retreat, family friendly event or dessert drama.

Husband and Wife comedy sketch  Want a sample?  Just ask us at

$8.29  Download "Selective Hearing"

Flame Retardant Pajamas

(And Other Symptoms of Menopause)

 My wife is the inspiration of this comedy sketch about menopause…which at times isn’t all that funny…at least not to her anyway.  I can understand that.  Men don’t go through menopause…at least not the way women do, so I guess we can’t totally identify with them as they are enduring that part of life change.  So as husbands we faithfully walk with them down the path of life hand in hand…well not hand and hand…it’s too hot.  Calling your wife “hot” takes on a new meaning. 

Flame Retardant Pajamas is a comedy just waiting for the next banquet, comedy night, dinner theater, dessert drama or woman’s event.

Cast: M/F  Husband and Wife   Running time 6-7 minutes


$7.89  Download comedy "Flame Retardant Pajamas"


Will You Love Me When You’re Smart?

(Love to the Nth Degree)

Howi C. Tiller

 A middle-aged couple is discussing the wife going back to school.  She wants to get her degree in culinary arts.  Well, things start to boil and they discover that just one degree makes a huge difference with what’s cooking on the stove.  They also discover the degree of love in their heart for one another starts and ends with their love for God.  “Will You Love Me When You’re Smart?”, is a light hearted look into what’s very important in the relationships of married couples.  The comedic lines unfold naturally and blend to reveal what can’t be missing in everyone’s marriage…and that’s love to the Nth degree.

Perfect for banquets and marriage retreats

Cast: 1 M / 1F   Husband and Wife

Setting:  A room in the house

Running time:  7 – 8 minutes


$6.49 Download Will You Love Me When You're Smart?



(Husband and Wife Comedy Sketch)

 A funny husband and wife sketch that happens as they are perusing through the morning paper around the breakfast table.  Each one takes turns reading some of the most absurd articles ever.  “Duh!”, is a sketch about things that should be obvious or  a “No Brainer.”  It’s amazing what editors will allow in their paper and what readers will believe to be true. “ Duh!”, takes a very light look at some of those comical moments.

$7.50 Download "Duh!"


Emergency Fun

(A tall triple chocolate espresso cappuccino latte) 

Dave Ramsey has proven to be quite the financial adviser through radio and now on T.V.  Howi has taken one of Dave’s concepts and wrote a funny sketch with a, “play-on-words”, called, “Emergency Fun”.  It is a spoof on Dave’s Emergency Fund Seminar sessions.  “Emergency Fun”, is a comedy sketch that you can perform before you show your next Dave Ramsey DVD at church or organization, especially the session on developing an emergency fund.

Cast: 2

Jerry: A husband who is desiring to change spending habits and very excited about the whole Dave Ramsey series.

Jolene: Jerry’s wife who is not so fond of the idea, but thought Dave said it was important to have Emergency Fun and that was a huge break-through for her.

As the scene opens the husband and wife are just coming back home from a Dave Ramsey financial planning seminar.  They are both on their cell phones and talking to their friends about the Financial Peace University.  It’s amazing how that the husband and wife were in the same meeting and heard the same things, or did they?    Running time:  5 minutes   

  $4.50  Download  Emergency Fun


The Cycle

(A Fun Reader’s Theater About the Non-stop Events of Life)

 The Cycle, is an excerpt from the full length play called, Time…When the Ticking is Done.  It’s a great stand alone piece with comedy and rhyme.  This piece can be performed anytime.  It encompasses many subjects about life yet at the same deals with headline news events that happen while everyday life happens.  It works well in a marriage retreat or family friendly event like dessert theater or comedy night.  It could also be a perfect sermon set-up about the rapture and the end of time. 

Normally, a reader’s theater is staged so that the readers are sitting or standing abreast.  In this piece feel free to have the readers move so as to emulate the theme itself.  Or for that matter you can make the piece a traditional dialogued piece where everyone learns the lines as we did when we performed it in the full length play.  We’ve included some movement notes in the script.

Cast: 4 Readers       Running time about 5 minutes

$ 8.89 Download "The Cycle", reader's theater or dialogued drama





Weighty Situation - A piece of mail addressed to "Dear Occupant", comes to the house and the husband says that the mail is for his wife.  When she asks how he can tell it's for her, he says, "because it has something to do with loosing weight". Sparks fly during this husband and wife comedy that comes full circle when another piece of "Dear Occupant", mail is about Rogain and hair loss.   7 minutes.



Download the above script only $6.50



The Balcony of Terror

(User Friendly Church)

Visitors have been embarrassed more than once because they didn't know the protocol of the church they were visiting.  Like for instance, not knowing the church policy on the opening and closing of the balcony or where the nursery and restrooms were located.  Knowing where the nursery is, is a real concern for young parents when visiting a church for the first time.  A church can do more to help eliminate these kinds of fears by just doing a few little things.  This sketch endeavors to illustrate how the church may need to become more visitor friendly.   Modern Comedy

Cast: Husband and Wife in mid 20's  Running time: 4-5 minutes

$4.89 Download
*Not in the Howi Tiller Sketch Book 2008


Whose Lunch is it, Anyway? Download for $6.99

(The feeding of the Five-thousand)  The feeding of the five-thousand must have been one of the most incredible miracles.  Five loaves and two fish is all that Jesus needed to make a little go a long ways.  We don’t know exactly how it happened, but that Jesus somehow made the food multiply.  We know that it started out as a little boy’s lunch, but ended up a huge feast to feed a multitude.  This sketch brings that story to life in the lives of a very hungry husband and a wife who was more interested in what Jesus was teaching than his empty stomach…well that is until she found out that it was her golden brown loaves of baked bread that Jesus had in his hand.  The dialogue between the husband and wife on the hillside that day could have sounded very relative as, “Whose Lunch is it, Anyway” unfolds in a very comical way.  The sketch can be done any time of the year.

* Note: Because it is a miracle about food, this may be the perfect sketch to introduce your next dinner drama.    Running time about 8 minutes

 Cast:  1M and 1 F   Husband and Wife    Biblical comedy with a message


Shower Power $4.00
Shower Power is a funny look at everyday life. The busy family will appreciate this almost true to life comedy situation. This sketch is great for dinner drama or marriage retreat.  The situation is the husband has just taken a shower and the many army men that his son left lined on the tubs edge along with the many bottles of shampoo and conditioner that the wife thinks she needs have all fallen into the tub shower.  One of the bottles hits the hot water faucet and shuts it off…leaving the husband in an ice cold blast.  He shouts and it sets off a chain reaction that affects the whole neighborhood and church.  Cast - 1M and 1F  Running time: 6 minutes



The Life Lines   $6.00 Download   
This Husband and Wife sketch likens the maiden voyage of a ship with the first date of a daughter.  The audience may or may not detect that the two people are the parents.  It doesn’t totally come out until the end of the play.  This sketch works well in many situations, but especially well for Mother-Daughter events or Family Friendly applications.      Cast: 3 – 2 F and 1 M  Running time:  5 minutes




You Should Have Planned Ahead - Situation: A married couple is sitting in their car outside someone’s home and they are late for an event.  He is blaming her and she retaliates by blaming him.  They have arrived at the event, but 15 minutes late. They’ve been arguing and don’t want to go in until they have settled the issue and erased the look of accusation and blame.  Come to find out they are parked in front of the wrong house.   

Cast: 2  1M / 1 F   Comedy  6 minutes

  $7.69  Download You Should Have Planned Ahead



Where Was Adam In All This? - Much has been said, preached and debated when talking about whose fault is was when Adam and Eve were asked to leave the garden of Eden.  The Bible said that Adam blamed Eve.  I guess it’s just human nature for us to point the blame on someone else.  Well, “Where Was Adam in All This”, takes a deeper look at what some say should have happened.      Cast: 2 1M / 1F   Serious Comedy  6-7 minutes  Perfect for marriage retreat and great for a dinner drama sketch.

  $7.29 Download

Change - A husband comes home from work only to find that his wife has ripped all the wall paper off the living room walls. She says, "it's time for a change and I just can't change that." The husband warns her that the Lord is asking for trouble by allowing women into heaven. Cast of 2, 1M / 1F   Comedy. 5 minutes.

  $5.50  Download Change

Candle Light Dinner for 2? - A wife has ideas for her and her husband to go on a date, but he is trying to hide the fact that he has plans to go golfing with the neighbor, Bob.  The sketches teaches that couples need a good balance in their marriage.  Great for marriage retreats.


Download $6.29


All I Said Was - A husband is upset at his wife when she said, "like father,

like son", just after their son burped loudly at a leadership picnic held at the

pastor's house. Great marriage retreat or couple's events.

Cast of 2, 1M / 1F  Comedy. 7-8 minutes.


Download $5.00



Family Situation

Family Signature Sketch Series

Howi has compiled 9 of his family, father&son, mother&daughter sketches into one book for your convenience.

1. Leave the Lights On, 2. Are We Having Company or Something?,

3.Nights of the Round Table I, 4. Nights of the Round Table II, 5. The Track

of Time, 6. The Perfume of Maturity, 7. The Breaking Point, 8. The Tip,

9. Born Again   These sketches are included in the Howi Tiller Sketch

Book 2008

$23.95 Download the entire Family Signature Sketch Book Series



Below are family sketches


The Graveyard Shift

(A Dead Ringer)

A Fun Family Comedy Sketch 

            This is a fun sketch that is safe to do during the, “What would otherwise”, be observed as Halloween time.  As Christians I know we don’t give any credence to Halloween.  So, this sketch helps to fill the spot with a, “fun comedy with a message.”  This can be done anytime of the year, but lends itself to a fall festival atmosphere.  The story and comedy unfold in a very natural and believable way.  This sketch was written from an actual conversation our family had while a lunch.  Some of the lines are quotes from that conversation.  Life is funnier than fiction.   

During a family conversation, the question about "the Graveyard Shift is raised.    Where did it come from?  What does it mean?  Well, one thing leads to the next and before you know it, the family's imagination has them frantically screaming...but then laughing because their frenzied tension was due to natural causes.

Scripture support: 

One of the greatest events of the Bible will be the Lord coming for His church.  The Apostle Paul describes the event in his letter to the church in Thessalonica.   The scripture reference is 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  :17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Cast: 4



Jordan – Early teen  (She is a little naïve)

Travis – Middle teen  (A big teaser toward his sister, quick wit, but a bit obnoxious)

Special Effects:  Telephone ringing sound track, thunder and/or lighting crack sound track

Setting:  Room at home

Running time:  7-8 minutes


  $6.49 to Download Graveyard Shift Family Comedy


(Family Life Comedy About Cell Phones and Face book) 

This is a comedy sketch about a teen trying to talk her parents into getting her a cell phone for her birthday.  Parents realize that their teens have replaced quality time with each other and God with social networking and texting.  In “Textifying”, the message is comically told, but your audience will not miss the overtones of truth along the way.  This would be a great sermon set-up or youth service sketch.

Cast 3

Dad – Mid thirties

Mom – Mid thirties

Chloe – Early teen

Running time:  5 minutes


$7.49 Download


Your “textifying” skit is fantastic and so “now”!  Thank you for your devotion to God and this ministry. You are always my first source when looking for seasonal and everyday drama/skit material.  You have never let me down and it is definitely a one stop shop!!       

Debi Sanders - Indiana


Marbles and Scruples

(A Delightful Sketch for Grandparents Day) 

A young granddaughter is visiting her grandpa at a nursing home when she asks him if he has ever lost his marbles.  He tells her about the games of marbles he played when he was a kid at school during recess.  Eventually, he discovers why she has asked the question and then relates to her a wonderful story about losing your marbles but more importantly about not losing your scruples.  This often-comical sketch threads its way down the road of questions and answers until a very heart warming hug brings the conversation to a touching conclusion.  Your grandparents will love this story and the whole audience will be historically and emotionally enlightened.

This could be a wonderful sketch for Grandparent’s Day, Family Friendly Event or Senior Citizen appreciation night.

            *All the names used to describe the marbles and the game are historically real and accurate.

 Cast: 1 M, 1 F


Jordan – 10 to 12 years old.  It can vary, but not too old. Actually, two adults could play the roles, but one just acting like a 10 to 12 year old


Running time 7 minutes


  $8.99 Download




Marbles and Scruples live performance


What a marvelous piece....does not have to be for Grandparents day only. Brought back everyone's memory on something that everyone used to do, and that is play marbles, every one was able to relate, many of the elders were telling the youngsters about playing marbles after service.

David Wilson, Slidell, LA

Nights of the Round Table II
(Family Comedy Situation)

© Copyright 1998 Howi C. Tiller Revised 2010

Nights of the Round Table II is a continuation of the Nights of the Round Table I. The sketch deals with pressures that children face everyday at school and life in general.  Mark and Cathy are concerned about what their children are learning in school and decide to begin having their own nightly discussions with their kids just as Mark did when he was a boy growing up with his parents.

Cast: Mark - Father (Middle thirties)
Cathy - Mother (Early to middle thirties)
Travis - Son (Eight to ten years old. Very innocent and naive)
Kelly - Daughter (Early teens)

Props: Kitchen or Dinning room setting. The sketch takes place during the dinner hour. You can use real food if you desire, but is not necessary.

Running time: 5-6 minutes

 $6.00  Nights of the Round Table II



Hey...I Gotta Go   $5.67



(Teens think they need to learn the lesson on their own.)

© Copyright 2008 Howi C. Tiller

The sketch is built around the idea that often times teens prefer to learn life’s lessons the hard way.  You want to warn them of the difficult curves ahead, but they think that since you made those mistakes, that it’s okay for them to make the same ones.  As an adult we don’t see the logic behind this kind of thinking.  Teens want us to tell them in detail why something is going to happen or isn’t going to happen.  They can’t take our word for it…we’re just their parents and hey…what do we know?

            In this sketch the characters play typical roles that most people will recognize.  The younger sibling tattletales on the older one and family secrets are revealed in a comical moment.  The scene takes place in two different cars.  Fun play!

 Cast:  4 / Father, Mother, Son or Voice of Son, Daughter or Voice of Daughter

The cast can be played three different ways

Comedy / Running time  5-6 minutes



She Trusts Me $8.00
Almost every father with a daughter old enough to get married has had their proverbial conversation with the young man who wants to marry that daughter.  "She Trusts Me" takes us into the often comical yet serious moments of that conversation.  The theme of "trust" weaves it's way through the sketch so that the audience realizes that trust is a huge ingredient of a successful marriage.  Fun family sketch.  Great for any time, sermon set-up, dinner drama, Valentines, etc.       Cast of 4: 2M, 2 F  Running time: 7 minutes


Jimmy and the Stars of God  $6.00    

There is a business that sells you the right to name a star after yourself or someone else as a gift.  The star registry allows you to name a star for a fee.  The truth of the matter is that the Bible says that God already knows the name of every star.  That is the driving force in this family “comedy with a message” that’s perfect for Mother’s Day or to just declare the truths of the Bible.  Cast 2 M or 2F  Running time: 6-7 minutes



Some Things Just Take Time  (Loving kindness is better than life)

An older couple has become senior citizens now and they’ve retired for the evening with a game of Scrabble.  Kelly, the grand daughter to Harold and Emily was over for dinner and came to spend time with them.  The game of Scrabble is an opportunity for Harold and Emily to teach Kelly a valuable lesson without her knowing it.  They are hoping that Kelly is picking up on the message that Harold is spelling to Emily using the letters in the game.  As it turns out, Kelly did pick upon the message.  The goal is accomplished (A surprise ending) and the seeds of a special flower planted many years ago on Harold and Emily’s first wedding anniversary is still having a lasting effect on the next two generations.  Of course life’s comedy sneaks its way into many of Howi’s sketches and “Some Things Just Take Time”, is no exception.  This sketch was originally written for a Ladies’ Tea where the theme was, Seeds of Kindness, but this sketch also works well in many other woman’s or senior citizen events or wherever the theme of passing on positive influence is needed.    This sketch shows that love is not only endearing but enduring.  

Cast: 2 F, 1 M

Grandma – 70’s

Grandpa – 70’s

Kelly – grand daughter - late teens

Running time – 7 minutes

$6.89 Download Some Things Just Take Time


Ya Gotta Eat

(Teens reaching their friends for Christ)

            “Ya Gotta Eat”, is an outreach sketch designed to minister to teens.  This script shares how teens mean well, but don’t think friends want to hear about the Lord or their testimony. 

            A father and son are having a conversation about the youth leaders at church challenging the teens to invite their friends to church.  The son is willing to be a witness but doesn’t want to be labeled a weirdo by his high school buddies.  Dad, gives him a few ideas and finally makes his faith known to a high school friend.  This sketch has some light moments but segues into a moving song interpretation, “Here I Go Again by Casting Crowns.”  It can be acted out or acted out with a mix of sign language.  It’s your call.  However, Howi gives you his ideas on how to act it out. This is an effective sketch for youth service or event.    Cast: 2 M and 1 F   Running time 10-11 minutes with song  

  $7.00 to download     Not in the Howi Tiller Sketch Book 2008

Leave the Lights On Parents complain about lights being left on around the house because it costs money.  In an effort to remind his teenagers about the cost of leaving the lights on, the teenagers remind dad the cost of letting them go off.  “Leave the Lights On”, brings a new twist to leaving the lights on spiritually.  This fun little sketch can be performed as a sermon setup or other events.  Cast 3 2F and 1 M    Running time:  7 minutes

  Download for $4.99

Mom, Dad's Seeing Things Again - “Mom, dad’s seeing things again”, is a one liner my oldest daughter said while I was looking in the bathroom mirror some time ago.  I was combing my thinning hair at the time.  As a middle age adult I thought I could ignore the fact that life brings or should I say, “takes away”, such things, but our children turn into teenagers and well…they become that constant reminder that life is passing by.  Cast: 3  1M / 2 F  Comedy situation  7-8 minutes

 Download the above sketch only $6.29  

Are We Having Company or Something?  A mother who is vacuuming takes offense to her accusing children that she only cleans the house when they are getting ready for company. Cast of 5  2 Adults and 2 teens and one adolescent  Comedy. 7-8 minutes.  Busy life in this sketch reflects American life.


$5.69  Download Above sketch

Perfume of Maturity - A young girl gets into her mother's special perfume without permission. Her mother explains to her why the perfume is so special. A good lesson learned about what's appropriate and expectations concerning early teenage girls.

$5.79  Download  Perfume of Maturity

Weighty Situation - A piece of mail addressed to "Dear Occupant", comes to the house and the husband says that the mail is for his wife.  When she asks how he can tell it's for her, he says, "because it has something to do with loosing weight". Sparks fly during this husband and wife comedy that comes full circle when another piece of "Dear Occupant", mail is about Rogain and hair loss.   7 minutes.  Great for marriage retreats and dinner theater.



$6.50 Download





Alzheimer's Ministry


Fund Raiser for




Holy Spirit of an

Alzheimer's Patient


Since Howi's mother passed away nine years ago

with The Alzheimer's disease, he has traveled

telling the story of her marvelous life, and how

his family learned to trust God through this trying

time of life.  His story is one that has touched

hundreds by bringing light and understanding

of how the Lord will never leave you nor forsake

you...even when you have Alzheimer's disease.  His

touching monologue, "Letting Go", weaves a tearful,

soul-searching story that speaks to the heart

about how, "Letting Go", is so much a part of

our everyday lives.  It's a story of healing and grace.


Alzheimer's Disease Fund-raiser


If you'd like for him to speak to your audience or congregation about one of life's amazing lessons, please contact him by email

or by calling him at 918-760-3561


Howi is producing a new book of Alzheimer's Patient stories.  It will be prefaced with his own mother's story and filled with many wonderful and miraculous stories of how others have dealt with this debilitating disease.  If you have a story that you would like to share about your loved one,  please contact Howi Tiller at or at 918-760-3561













































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