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Offering: Acting 101 Manual

10 Lessons with questions and teacher's answer sheet

The lessons include information from first hand experience and creative assignments, exercises and fun interactive theater games.  Elements include, stage movement, stage dominance, character development, subtext, and more.  The written, vocal and visual elements will be discussed in detail.

Download the Acting 101 Manual 15.00  There is a list of elements covered in Acting 101 toward the bottom of page  


  Let The Games Begin!

          Comedy Sports, Improvisations and Rehearsal Sessions

                            40 Theater Games


This book is filled with theater games and improvisational exercises that

help to develop spontaneity, freshness and excitement in your actors.

The games are great for comedy sports competition,

improvisation sessions and rehearsal sessions. They also

help to bring focus and confidence.



You can use this book in smaller acting sessions to help

shy people over come their fear of being in front of

a live audience.  According to a recent poll, the number

1 fear is public speaking.  The number 2 fear is dying. 

Amazingly, some people would rather die than get in

front of an audience. 

$ 12.00   Download

"How To" DVDs

1. Building a Flat or Backdrop - Step by step instructions on how to build a paintable flat to use for you next performance.


2. Painting Techniques - Artist Jeff Wallenfelsz teaches you how to paint clouds, trees, leaves, textures and more.


3. Building a Believable Beard - Howi Tiller builds a beard on camera so you can learn step by step.

All three for 25.00 plus shipping


Christian Drama Home School Curriculum

Drama/Theater Unit 1

Acting 101

10 Lessons and many acting exercises and assignments

1. Intro and Background and "Drama, What Does it Mean"?

2. The Three Elements of Dramatic Communication




3. Balance of Written, Vocal and Visual

            Physicality Development Exercise

            The Hot Seat

4. Character Discovery

            Keeping an Honest Perspective

5. Perceived Reality, Suspension of Disbelief and Touchstones

            Reality vs. Perceived Reality


            Touchstones and Costuming

6. Stage Movement

            Strong Movement

            Weak Movement

            Stage Positions

            Placing the Notations

7. Passion

            Acting as a Ministry

            Detriments to the Passion

8. Subtext

            Donít Just Tell the Story, Show the Story

            Subtext Acting Exercise

9. The Ring of Truth and Dialogue


            Dialogue Replacement

            Throw Away or Step On Lines

10. The Tech Notebook

            Optional rehearsal areas

 Each lesson has a Question / Work Sheet / Answer Sheet for Parents and teachers 

Coming soon...our lesson on performing monologue

Coming soon...our book on playwriting




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