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To see video samples of CODE Conference Workshops and other drama DVDs, go to the DVDs, Dramas, Easter, Christmas pages and scroll down. More will be added soon.

Exciting Drama Weekends

There are still a few weekends open for the 2014 year.  The weekends fill up fast.  Call to reserve a weekend at 918-760-3561.  Maybe you want something during the week day...that's fine, too.  We'll check to see what schedule can work for your event.

A Drama Weekend can include:

1. Sessions with your local drama team as they learn dramatic pieces for the weekend services.

2. Mini drama conference as your church hosts other drama teams to attend classes and sessions that equip them in drama ministry.

3. Saturday evening performance of "Close Friends" by Howi Tiller.

4. Special leadership clinic with Drama directors.

5. Sunday Drama Ministry

Word Alive Christian Drama is now making their cast and crew available for your major drama event or evangelistic emphasis.  Whether you are planning your own drama conference, marriage retreat, dinner drama, street drama, and banquet our ministry is taking limited reservations through out the year.  The calendar gets filled very quickly, so start early.

"Close Friends" and things that make the phone ring

A full length dramatic event with a life long message.

Howi features his signature script, "Close Friends".  This 1hour and 10 minute monologue is a touching and hilarious 7 scene presentation performed in many different atmospheres.  It's the story of faith seen through the eyes of a character named Johnny from the early age of seven to the latter years of 80 something.  This moving comedy has become a special event for churches across the U.S.  Actual pictures of your youth and church member's wedding day photos are intertwined into the performance through power point to make it an unforgettable experience.

  "Close Friends", is being presented across the U.S. for Friend Day, Dinner Dramas and other special outreach and family friendly events.


Your audience will be captivated from beginning to it's surprising and uplifting finale.  They will be laughing one moment and crying the next!

Contact Howi at 918-760-3561 or at


Prisoner of God

Performed by Howi Tiller and Terry Vik.  This play can be performed in a variety of atmospheres but is solid enough that it can be performed for a Sunday night service or special outreach event.  It has a very strong emotional appeal and conclusion.  The ending of this play catches everyone off guard.  Just when you thought you had it all figured out, Howi surprises everyone with his poetic license.

"The Prisoner of God"
The Name - The Blood - The Cross
A full-length play about the Apostle Paul and a very zealous Roman Captain named Marcus. Historically, Paul even converted the soldiers who guarded him in prison. With this in mind, Howi authors a play from scripture that is layered with twists and turns that will keep your audience guessing from beginning to end. Just when you thought you had the plot all figured out, a surprising ending reveals all the mysteries.
Cast: 2 Male
Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes


Wild Oats and Checkers

What's Your Next Move?

Fatherís Day or Menís Retreat

Monologue or Dialogue


If you're looking for something special for Father's Day or a Men's Retreat.

A grandpa and grandson have traditionally been playing checkers on Saturday mornings.  The grandpa is getting older and the grandson is getting old enough that heís not sure that he wants to continue to play every Saturday anymore.  This is where the play happens in time.  Little does the grandson know, but this is the last time he will play checkers with his grandpa.  Neither one knows how to tell the other that theyíre not sure how many more Saturdays they can play checkers.  Wild Oats and Checkers is a touching lesson on life and will fit in any atmosphere, but lends itself perfectly to Fatherís Day, menís retreats, father & son banquets or senior citizen appreciation dinner.


Howi playing in Wild Oats and Checkers at Christian Radio's Back to The Bible's "Edge 64", Youth Club and Cafe.




To schedule any combination of drama ministries, please contact Howi at or call him at 918-760-3561


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