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About Us

     Howi C. Tiller is the founder of, “The Word Alive Christian Drama Ministries”, an anointed and timely ministry that effectively reaches this generation. For over 30 years he has written, directed, produced and acted in Christian drama from coast to coast. During those years he has also taught and ministered in conferences across the U.S., Canada, the Philippines and Australia. You may have seen some of his dramas at a music, drama, or youth conference...or maybe at camps or other conventions throughout the U.S. and Canada... ministering to as many as 15,000 people at a time.  It is part of our mission to see Christian drama used as an anointed tool for end-time evangelism. 


As a full time teacher/dramatist, Howi has taught over 10000 teens the Christian drama ministry in the last 10 years.  Your youth will never be the same after they learn how to effectively minister through drama to their local church as well as to their community through Christian Street Drama.  Drama has a way of inviting people into the process of the church service. Anointed drama can reach into the heart, bypass misconceptions and share wonderful truths to the hearts of your guests so they’ll come back again.  Howi uses a mix of serious Christian comedy, music and monologues to communicate the scriptures like never before.

Comedy - It's like a Medicine...take it.

Howi is a master with communicating what he calls, "Serious Comedy."   He says that comedy is often times the bridge over troubled waters that travels to the heart and soul of the hearer.  Proverbs tells us that a laughing heart does good like a medicine.

His signature pieces possess what is called in the theatrical circles, "The Ring of Truth."  In other words there is a common denominator in his humor, drama and delivery that everyone can relate to.  His delivery is a unique blend of stand-up Christian comedy, song interpretation and drama.  His ministry is a drama event that you can bring your friends and family to.  Think about scheduling him for a Drama weekend that can include a church service, dinner drama night, banquet, marriage retreat or family event.

A Drama Weekend

A typical drama week for Howi is Thursday evening through Sunday evening.  It may be typical for him, but this is one of the most opportune times for your church to have many guests.  Thursday and Friday are rehearsals where he teaches youth or an existing drama team new techniques like dowel rods, mime, song interpretation and signing.  Saturday is a drama workshop where you can invite other churches in the area to also sit in on classes like: Intro to the Christian Drama Ministry, Rehearsal Management, Dinner Drama, Improvisation, Acting and Directing The Church Play, Street Drama and more.  Saturday evening is a Christian Comedy Dinner Drama as evangelism.  Howi performs "Close Friends", or  "Wild Oats and Checkers", or when their schedule permits his drama team will perform "Spectacle"You can read all about Wild Oats & Checkers and Spectacle on the dramas page.

"Close Friends"and things that make the phone ring

A full length dramatic event with a life long message

Howi has turned any evening into a wonderful night of "comedy with a message" through his one man play called Close Friends.  It is the story of a character named Johnny from the age of 7 to the grand old age of 87.  Your audience will laugh one minute and be crying the next.  The final scene has your audience sitting on the edge of their seat.  This play works well in many different kinds of atmospheres, including Dinner Drama, Family Focused Events and Friend Days or even a special Sunday Night.  If you've ever wanted to plan an evening to invite friends into a relaxing atmosphere, then this play is perfect. 

This script is perfect for a Friend Day weekend, but "Close Friends" has also turned into a comedy classic, especially around the Christmas Holidays.



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Sunday morning and evening services include a mix of his one man drama sketches and what your drama team learns on Thursday and Friday evenings.  This ministry is cutting-edge to most of us, yet pastors who have had him come are finding that the Christian Drama ministry is viable, credible and refreshing to your local church.

Howi Tiller (background) and Terry Vik performing the moving and powerful dowel rod song,     "End of The Beginning", before 15,000 people.


To have a Word Alive Drama Cast for a full length play, banquet, marriage retreat, Friend Day or dinner drama, contact Howi Tiller for an exciting Christian Drama Weekend call:

918-760-3561 or Email

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